Monday, August 14, 2017

Goblin Valley Sand Blast

We had a plan to go to Goblin Valley with the Dunns for a few weeks. They had never been! I had been looking at the forecast and it was going to be nice weather but WINDY! The whole state had a wind advisory! So I was VERY hesitant, especially because Tiff went when it was windy and the sand stung their legs and her girls just cried. But Shawn always has Mondays off and Jeff took work off so we decided to just go for it. It would be an adventure! Yikes!
The drive down was uneventful and long but the kids did well. When we got to Goblin Valley, it was a little windy but not too bad and as we got down into the valley, it was even less windy. Yay! We might be ok! We hiked all the way to the back wall to be protected from the wind and it worked out well. Jeff borrowed these awesome laser tag guns and the kids started to play.
It still was windy and Caden was getting it in his eyes but we found goggles! It worked for a little while until he got sick of them.
Trying to figure out how the guns work...
The cute twins
The guns were huge!
It's go time.
Caden couldn't run around with the guns (too big) so I had to watch him. He was getting too brave and was climbing big "goblins".
This one ended up not working so he got to play with it. He felt so big!
You just can't beat that view!
The kids were climbing and scaring me!
Brinley and Brooklyn trying to cheat or win...really just trying to figure out the intricacies of the weapon. :)
Do you see the kids?
We found out that you can blow a "grenade" out of the gun and Cambree accidentally shot it up the mountain where it got stuck. Sadie came to the rescue!
The wind started kicking up so it was time to go! As we were walking back, it was awful! Sand was beating our faces. At one point, I told Easton to close his eyes and I would lead him. We got out a tad too late but it was still getting worse.
Til next time!
I wiped my face off with a baby wipe. Sand was everywhere!
We had to get gas in Price and I looked up places to hang out. It was still early afternoon and we weren't quite ready to go home. I found a fun dino park so we went there. It was a little windy but not bad. It turned out being really fun!
These kids are getting good at the monkey bars!
Shawn and Jeff just chillin' on the swings!
Caden did not want to leave!
Well it was a day of unknowns and didn't quite turn out how we wanted but it was an adventure and not a total bust!

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