Friday, August 11, 2017

Brinley | 14 Years Old

I know I always say how old Brinley is but she's my oldest and it just never seems like I should have a kid that old. Wasn't I just in college??
This is what a 14-year-old-Brinley sounds like:
-She has taught herself to play the ukulele (that she got 2 Christmases ago) and can play quite a few songs!
-Brinley LOVES music. She isn't capable of doing the dishes and every other job without her headphones on.
-She is taking early morning seminary in the fall just so she can do Stage Crew. She LOVES it and I'm happy she is involved.
-She is trying lots of new things and has many interests. Right now she is thinking about being a graphic designer, a nurse, an anthropologist, an animator or something with computer science.
-There are several fandoms (I hate that word) that she loves; Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Miraculous Ladybug, and Voltron Legendary Defender (yes, I asked her)\
-We had her take a break from piano for the summer but she still likes to practice and will start up again in the fall. She continues to improve a lot!
-She auditioned last spring and for the school choir and got in so she has that to look forward to. She REALLY wants to take voice lessons and we are trying to make that happen.

And that's our beautiful Brinley! She is maturing into such a great person and we are so proud of her. She took a photography class and was interested in learning how to edit in Photoshop. So I let her edit her own pictures. She did great! I tweaked a few things but she did the hard part!
And some cute bloopers...

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