Sunday, July 16, 2017

May MishMash

Whew! That was a busy time! Here's a little bit of what we did:
Caden got a follow-up on his iron because it was a little low so I've been giving him iron drops which is annoying. It was hard to figure out how to give it to him because he doesn't like juice or anything really to hide it so I was only able to put it in his cereal in the morning. It wasn't good enough so the first time we checked it, it was still low so we doubled his iron and now it's good. He doesn't even flinch when he gets poked!
We started another garden this year! 2nd year in a row! Hopefully it does well.
We had a family home evening lesson about nature and took a nature walk. I liked how the sun was peeking in on the trail. I love where we live!
Shawn cut some lilacs from our bush. They are so pretty!
For Easton's mother-son date, he wanted a Frosty and fries and to play at the playground. Sounds good to me! It was actually a little cold and windy though.
I like getting pictures whenever I can of my kids so I got this one off the YW Instagram account. They were leaving little notes for people for service.
For my lesson in primary, we were learning about the bishop and what he does. So we made thank-you notes for him and left them on his door. I'm sure he loved that surprise! I love my class!
One of Caden's favorite things is to do a somersault over the couch.
For May the 4th, we watched Star Wars. Tiffany made some packets with questions of things to look for so that was fun to catch those answers.
Coop is so busy at the end of the year with end-of-school year stuff going on! I'm just glad the weather is nice!
Bubble bath!! We never do bubble baths but it was time for one finally!
Cambree was trying out some new looks for her musically account. We were teasing her that she looks depressed and sad. And she put on makeup and lipgloss. Oh boy!!
Preschool is winding down. They were playing with playdoh for a bit.
Quick Quack Car Wash came to town! Free carwashes! The kids think it's such a treat. Caden was mesmerized.

More beautiful, fresh flowers!! I love my yard in the spring!
The day before Mother's Day, my siblings and our spouses all took mom and dad out to Buca DiBeppo. It was fun and the dishes were HUGE!!
The kids and Shawn always spoil me on Mother's Day. Breakfast in bed and presents! They are the best!
Cambree drew a really good picture of me. It was such a great present.
More preschool fun of their lemonade stand!
These cute boys had such a great playgroup together. Milo and Caden liked to pretend they were big boys too.
Sadie made a really cute water color with the theme of their classroom "Have Courage and Be Kind". I want to frame it. It's so good!
Shawn and I went to a BYU Baseball game. They are doing really well this year. Nicole and Jeff were supposed to double with us but it ended up being Jeff and Easton (his son). Oh well. It was fun!
For Brinley's stage crew class they were supposed to do a presentation on what the thought the next musical should be. Brinley was paired up with a friend and she got to do the posters. She did an awesome job in Photoshop and they did really well on their presentation.
Easton lost another tooth! So crazy!
More playgroup fun! Dog pile!
Still enjoying Quick Quack Car Wash but we got in a very small accident in there. Someone put on their brakes in there and it caused us to crash. Ugh. Luckily I was in the old car and nothing happened anyway. But we pulled off into the vacuums so they could check with us to see if we needed to write up anything. So it was nice and then the guy was like, "wait! I'll get you something." I thought it would be a free wash but he gave me a car freshener. Nice.
Soccer season is coming to an end! Glad I got a few pics. They had a fun season.
Cambree is number 11.
Brinley likes to play goalie but it's really nice when Shawn helps her and gives her pointers during the game.
I just got put in as an Activity Day leader. My first activity was a photography one. We went to the temple. I taught them some composition and things. They all did really good with the tips and I let them use my camera to apply them. It was a good one.

The kids were really good for an FHE lesson that Shawn gave about The Plan of Salvation.
Brinley made another fantastic poster about Star Wars. She is really good on Photoshop!
For my mother-daughter date with Cambree, we played basketball. She's a lot better than me.
Easton was excited to ride in the Razor with Aubrey.
Well, summer hit and Easton is tired already. He never naps anymore. More late night await!
And I guess Sadie is already bored cuz she cut her hair!! She said her hair was in her face. I thought 7 years old was old enough to not cut hair! Ugh. I was so mad! And her dance concert is in a few days!
After that, I repented and took her on our mother-daughter date. She wanted to get breakfast at Kneaders. The french toast was so yummy!
Bring on summer!!

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