Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Davis St. George Family Reunion-Day 4

Well our time flew by for sure! Monday it was time to pack up and check out. We wanted to hike around Snow Canyon before we left. The Collettes left though right after she announced the Davis Dundee awards for the lip sync.
Cambree loves the babies!
Our first stop in Snow Canyon was the Pioneer Registry. The kids had fun scaling the rock wall to get a closer look. I had to occupy Caden at the bottom which wasn't the most fun.
Sadie started sliding down the sandstone and I cringed because I remember doing that and getting a hole in my shorts. Same-same!
It was a hot day so we were all about the shady hikes. We hiked Jenny's Canyon. It was short and a really great slot canyon.
The Cheshire Cat

Caden is adorable!
The last hike we did quickly was the Petrified Dunes. It was hot but it wasn't long. The Summers didn't join us on this one and headed home.
Spencer wasn't too happy.
Pretty view!
And that was that! We each went our separate ways and called it a success! I can't wait until the next one!
Oh! Sadie was sad she didn't show her picture to her cousins so I sent it to them all. So cute! I love how cousins become BFF's and that's why we have reunions.

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