Monday, July 3, 2017

Davis St. George Family Reunion-Day 3

We had such a busy day on Saturday so it was nice to go to church and relax on Sunday. Some of us went at 9 a.m. and some of us went at 11:00. It was nice to choose which one we wanted to go to.
We had lunch and then the ping-pong tournament began! I was unfairly paired up with Shawn right off and lost (of course). He ended up taking the whole thing! It was a fun activity and we also did a kids bracket then the winner of that got to play an adult.

Championship game, right here!
ALL the plastic cups!
After the hype of the tournament, we calmed down and took a little tour to Jacob Hamblin's house. It was great to see his old house and to learn more about him.
We took the kids to see the temple after that.

And so the selfies begin...
After walking around the temple grounds, we went inside the Visitor's Center and promptly lost Caden...though we didn't know it for awhile. Luckily, he found Mandy and she kept him for us. We really need to assign someone to watch him when we go out because we both assume the other one is watching him.
I thought this picture was so cute! He said, "Jesus!"
Then, we came back for dinner and put the kids to bed. Tiffany planned a Newlywed game for my parent's since it was their anniversary in a few days. It was fun taking turns and asking them questions. We found out some good stuff. I'm so grateful for them and their example.  We called it a night after that...well, and after a game or two.

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