Sunday, July 2, 2017

Davis St. George Family Reunion-Day 1 & 2

One day Tiffany and I were talking about how we needed to do a family reunion this year. I didn't want to do anything too extravagant but have wanted to go to St. George. There is so much to do down there. So we ran it by my parents and we planned it! We found a great house to rent and it was available Memorial Day weekend of all weekends! My family was having a hard time finding a time to go so that definitely worked in our favor. It just needed to be longer.
We left on Friday and ran into a bad motorcycle accident in Meadow that re-routed us all through these little towns. It took us about an hour out-of-the-way. It seems like whenever we go somewhere, we have these situations. Oh well. We were all in the same boat, coming the same way except the Pattersons. They arrived first and when we got there, the kids immediately jumped in the pool. We were in charge of dinner so we got right to work since it was dinner time!
The kids were pretty wild so we put on a movie in the theater room hoping that they would settle down and sleep. Most of them did!
Kylie didn't care much for the movie and loved the little playhouse. I'm telling you, this place was so great!
The next morning, we headed out to hike around Dixie Rock. I was glad my friend told me it was fun and that we needed to do that cuz it was!

The top of Dixie Rock! Quite a view!
After we all made it to the top of Dixie Rock, it wasn't long before everyone split up to go exploring. Before I knew it, I was just with Easton and the cousins his age.
Shawn made it super far away from me and called to show off. ;)
My mom was with him and took his pic.
After that, we went back to the house to have lunch and swim. The community pool was awesome and so perfect for a hot afternoon!

We staggered back to the house to shower and planned to have the lip sync just before dinner. It was SO fun!
J.J.'s family did "You're Welcome" from Moana the way we've done some talent shows when we were growing up. So fun!
Our family did "Watch Me" (Whip n Nay Nay). It was pretty great if I do say so myself! We each took turns doing a "move". The kids did a great job! It was so fun!
My parents did a John Denver song "Annie's Song". It is fitting cuz my dad loves John Denver and my mom did some great actions!
The Summers did "Happy" where Kylie frowned the whole time. Haha!
Pattersons performed "Shiny" from Moana. The bean bags made great shells!
After that, the kids wanted to to perform more songs. The girls did "How Far I'll Go" from Moana.
The boys did "Radioactive".
My kids did a pretty great impromptu lip sync to "Believer". Easton and Sadie didn't even know they'd be flying into the air!
Shawn and Rob got talked into "You Be Illin". Shawn did it for a 4th Grade Talent Show and he was bringing it back. It was great! Tiffany and I did "Ice, Ice Baby".

All the pregnant ladies (yup...Angie told us she was unexpectedly expecting!) did "I Think We're Alone Now". So great!
After that fun time, mom and dad got pizza and we ate and got ready for the temple. Most of the adults were going to do sealings.
These 3 cuties were there to say bye to us!
I've never been to the St. George temple. It's so white and pretty. It's the oldest temple that has all the ordinances in it. Such a great temple.
Brinley and some of the others babysat (Nate and David stayed back too) while we were at the temple. The theater room came in handy again!

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