Sunday, July 30, 2017

Brinley's 14th Birthday

14 seems like a big number all of the sudden! But it's here and Brinley is 14 and it's crazy.
Her actual birthday was on a Sunday so we didn't do much but cake and presents. She got a Flash shirt, a game, a cell phone case, Rogue One movie, and a testimony journal.
She's in MiaMaids now! So they left a cute sign on the garage.
She's my girl! Brinley wanted cheesecake for her cake. Since I don't make cheese cake, I bought it.

This year she didn't want a friend party. I told her she could go with a friend to Lagoon and since Rachel lives right by it and has a season pass, it was easy to have her to go with. Shawn dropped her off at TRAX and she took it up to the station where Donell picked her up. They had a great time and loved the freedom, I'm sure. Donell also picked them up for lunch and they had a little hour break to get out of the heat. Brinley was a little annoyed that Rachel didn't want to go on Wicked. Lame! I would be too! Shawn and I picked her up at the end of the day. I didn't want her taking TRAX in the night so it all worked out. It's weird having a teenager that wants to do her own thing without the family!

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