Monday, July 17, 2017

All the World Dance Concert

Oh man. This could be the last concert my girls ever perform in! I sure hope not!! Sadie wants to take a break so we will see if she comes back.
It was fun that she got to be in dance with Annie. They are so cute!
This was dress rehearsal. They were HYPER!
Sadie's selfie in the mirror!
It's showtime!
Sadie's first dance was a bucket dance.
The next one she was a star. I was pretty disappointed in that dance. It was really simple and Sadie had complained all year about how bored she was in class so that kind of explained it. Ugh.
My favorite dance was a mother-daughter dance with some of the dance teachers and their kids.
Curtain call! Sadie was the first one out in her class.
We had lots of people come to support her. Grandma Hancock came! It was nice of Heather to bring her.
That's a wrap!
Cambree stayed after for the second show to watch Jordan. She's so little compared to her two tall friends.

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