Sunday, July 30, 2017

Brinley's 14th Birthday

14 seems like a big number all of the sudden! But it's here and Brinley is 14 and it's crazy.
Her actual birthday was on a Sunday so we didn't do much but cake and presents. She got a Flash shirt, a game, a cell phone case, Rogue One movie, and a testimony journal.
She's in MiaMaids now! So they left a cute sign on the garage.
She's my girl! Brinley wanted cheesecake for her cake. Since I don't make cheese cake, I bought it.

This year she didn't want a friend party. I told her she could go with a friend to Lagoon and since Rachel lives right by it and has a season pass, it was easy to have her to go with. Shawn dropped her off at TRAX and she took it up to the station where Donell picked her up. They had a great time and loved the freedom, I'm sure. Donell also picked them up for lunch and they had a little hour break to get out of the heat. Brinley was a little annoyed that Rachel didn't want to go on Wicked. Lame! I would be too! Shawn and I picked her up at the end of the day. I didn't want her taking TRAX in the night so it all worked out. It's weird having a teenager that wants to do her own thing without the family!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Family Festival

I LOVE that our little city does the festival at the beginning of summer. It's such a fun way to kick off summer! We had a busy week so we weren't able to do much of the festivities during the week except the dinner. Shawn was at his softball game so I took the kids to the park to eat. Of course the kids didn't like the food and hardly took any! I told them to take it all and me and the older girls would eat it.
It was a beautiful night and we just relaxed and then the kids played in the sand. It was nice.
The good 'ole parade was the next morning. My parents and JJ's family came. Love this little parade!
None of the other kids wanted to be in this great picture. Ugh.
Always lots of candy!
After the parade, we went home for lunch and a rest and then went back to the park for the carnival. We didn't want to pay for our kids to go but they were dying to go so we had them pay for 1/2 their ticket. They did and loved it! A lot of the rides were spinning rides so I had heard about people getting really sick. Luckily, none of us got sick!
We took a little break and went over to the free kids games. The kids got a bunch of little prizes and had fun with the games.
When we got back to the carnival, we found friends to ride rides with.
We also took care of my neighbors kids while we were there so my friend could get packed to move to California for a few months. Cute kids!
The fire trucks sprayed their hose after a while. It was a great way to cool off! It was perfect!!
We finished off the weekend with a fireworks show with the neighbors. So great.
Cambree hung with her friends and partied.

Monday, July 17, 2017

All the World Dance Concert

Oh man. This could be the last concert my girls ever perform in! I sure hope not!! Sadie wants to take a break so we will see if she comes back.
It was fun that she got to be in dance with Annie. They are so cute!
This was dress rehearsal. They were HYPER!
Sadie's selfie in the mirror!
It's showtime!
Sadie's first dance was a bucket dance.
The next one she was a star. I was pretty disappointed in that dance. It was really simple and Sadie had complained all year about how bored she was in class so that kind of explained it. Ugh.
My favorite dance was a mother-daughter dance with some of the dance teachers and their kids.
Curtain call! Sadie was the first one out in her class.
We had lots of people come to support her. Grandma Hancock came! It was nice of Heather to bring her.
That's a wrap!
Cambree stayed after for the second show to watch Jordan. She's so little compared to her two tall friends.