Friday, June 23, 2017

Sadie's Field Trip to the Zoo

I've been to Cambree and Brinley's zoo field trip and I'm planning on going to all my kids' 1st Grade Field Trip. It's fun and pretty low-key. I like to try and go to all the field trips if I can. I had a small group of 3 cute girls to keep track of. Their teacher gave us a small scavenger hunt list and we needed to take pictures of the animals. First up, was the giraffe!
Then the zebras
Getting a picture of the lion drinking fountain is a must!
The zoo theme was Bugzilla so there were giant bugs all over the zoo. Some of them moved and made sounds.
Elephants were on the list!
Everyone had to have a turn on the elephant trunk.
The bear was having fun in the water!

The crocodile was just sitting there with a smile. He didn't move.
While I was away, my kids were at coop. Tawnie had quite the crew! I appreciate her watching my kids for me!

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