Sunday, June 25, 2017

Preschool Pirate Day

I was happy I got to come to Pirate Day! I tried to dress up a little but I don't have much. Easton was sad that he didn't have a pirate costume either but Mrs. Bradshaw had eye patches and bandanas so they all looked the part.
To get to the treasure, they found words with the first letter of the alphabet going in order. We walked all over the neighborhood. The kids were super excited to find the letters and we had to hold back some of the faster kids so the slower kids could get a chance.

Easton found one!
We found the buried treasure!! The kids had to dig it up. It was quite exciting because the sprinklers were on in the yard next to the sandbox so it was an adventure trying to avoid them!

After that, we headed to our ship! Kerry must have some great neighbors to let us dig in their sandbox and play on their awesome ship they built.
Easton looked like a stud. He OWNED that ship!
Raising the sails!
There were lots of fun things to play on and explore. Preschool ended way to quickly!

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