Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Easton's Preschool Graduation

It's been really fun to help in preschool and to watch Easton learn and grow. He's such a fun kid and has definitely learned to sit still and listen. Whew! He's not perfect but not the worst either.
The graduation program consisted of singing some songs. My favorite is the ABC one they sing. They learn the sound the letter makes and the sign for sign language.
This is the end of the Casper Slide, which is Easton's favorite preschool song.
Then, Mrs. Bradshaw had each kid come down and get their certificates. She also read some things that she and some of the mom helpers wrote about him. I wrote that he is sensitive. It's a good and bad thing. My favorite was that he is hungry. So true!! I thought he only said that to me when I was there helping. I told him that in Kindergarten, he won't get any snacks. He was really bummed about that. Hopefully, he will eat a big lunch before he goes to school.

Picture time! I loved how he put his arm around Trevin.
Of course we needed a picture with his neighborhood preschool carpool friends. So fun to have friends and make new friends!
I've LOVED my kids going to Mrs. Bradshaw. She thinks next year will be her last year and I'm bummed Caden won't get to go to her. Fingers crossed!

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