Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Easter time!

Easter is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays! I love spring and celebrating Easter at that time is even better!
The day before Easter, we went to the Alpine Easter Walk. It was a self-guided walk where we saw the empty tomb, the crucifix, an alter, and some farm animals. They played some music and it was nice to just walk and think about Christ. It would've been nice if the kids were better behaved.
There were sheep and other farm animals to look at.
Here are the crucifixes. They had music playing and it was by the creek. It was really peaceful.
That night, Easton was messing around and bit a pillow and starting crying. I wondered what was wrong and he was bleeding. His tooth came out! I didn't even know it was loose! How does a preschooler loose a tooth? All my other kids were Kindergarten or older.
We was a little traumatized. 

Easter morning, the kids searched all over the house for their Easter baskets.

Sadie found hers in the oven!
Caden wanted all the eggs!
Then we got ready for church. The boys were the only ones that got a few new things (bowties and suspenders thanks to my friend Heather) but I like to get a picture anyway.
We dyed eggs the next day since we didn't do them before Easter.

I bought an emoji kit and the kids loved copying the faces.

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