Wednesday, June 21, 2017

April MishMash

One of my favorite months of the year! I just love the temperature and the fun things we do. Here's what happened:
Caden sometimes comes in bed with me in the morning if it's really early. He just looks so cute with his hands behind his head.
I took Shawn to Top Golf for his birthday date. I wanted to try something new and thought he might like it. He did! It was really fun!
I won 2 of the 3 games. :)
Then, we went to lunch at Tucanos. He was a happy boy! :) Happy 39th to Shawn! Last year in his 30's!

The boys were so excited to have a bubble bath. Yeah, it's the simple things.

We watched Parent Trap (the original) as a family. The kids weren't wanting to watch it but ended up liking it. Of course they would! I love that movie.
Sadie and her friends were being creative and made a pencil out of foam.
Shawn was gone to Utah State overnight and of course there was a bad windstorm that blew our trampoline over to the neighbor's house. Ugh. It was stuck on their fence! I called Shawn and he got some guys to set it down on the ground in their yard since it would be too hard to bring it back in that wind! I've told him so many times to anchor that down! Grrr....
We dog-sat Sugar again. I took her out for a walk while the kids were at school. She stopped a lot which I didn't expect and got a little tired that I had to carry her a little bit. Not exactly the walking partner I was hoping for!
Brinley was super-excited to go to Ashlie's party at the Space Center! She was the Captain and they won the game! So fun!
For a YW/YM Combined Activity, they did The Amazing Race. They went to different ward member's houses to do the different challenges. They had to eat a bellut (sp?) egg which a partially developed duck embryo. It's a delicacy in the Philippines. Brinley volunteered to eat it. Then someone else said they would eat the yoke so she had to eat the other part. She tried zoning out and not thinking about it but people kept telling her not to think about it so it made her think about it! But she got it down. Yuck!!
They asked me to come to the finish line to take some pictures so that was fun!
Brinley's team was like 3rd or something.
Easton had to get his Kindergarten shots. He wasn't too excited about it but was brave. They told him to pee in a cup and he would NOT do it. Eventually they told me that not all elementary schools need that so I called and asked our school and they don't. So yay! He got a cookie and drink after it was all over. They were doing a Kindergarten clinic so they had extra stuff like a card he would put a sticker on after each thing they checked. It was cute.
Sadie and the neighbor kids have been climbing our tree lately and Sadie got stuck! Her hair did anyway.
My cute boys climbing in bed with me in the morning. 
The preschool kids made these cute animal faces while I was helping. They were loud too!
I love my chubby baby. He was loving his shirt off after church when he got it dirty.
I got put into Activity Days with Heather! So that's fun! I'm also Cambree's leader so that's so fun too! I got right in there and we were in charge of the Mother/Daughter activity. Luckily, Heather had it mostly planned. We were doing a Paint Nite and had canvases to paint and snacks to eat. It turned out really great! Whew! We put one group in charge of the decorations, two groups in charge of the food, and we did the paint supplies. I loved how it all came together!
Isn't it cute?! We made it the colors to match Cambree's room so she could hang it in there.
Brinley has been working hard in Stage Crew to get ready for The Drowsy Chaperone play at school. She was in charge of the lights this time. It was such a great play! So funny and those kids sure know how to act!
Cambree was my date! We loved it!
Jordan's mom took Cambree and Audrey to the pool. They have such a fun time together.
We took a Sunday walk because nature is amazing right now!
After our walk, we came back to have some snacks. I was reminded that my mom used to make snack trays like this on Sundays. The kids thought it was great! We need to do it again!

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