Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Easton's Preschool Graduation

It's been really fun to help in preschool and to watch Easton learn and grow. He's such a fun kid and has definitely learned to sit still and listen. Whew! He's not perfect but not the worst either.
The graduation program consisted of singing some songs. My favorite is the ABC one they sing. They learn the sound the letter makes and the sign for sign language.
This is the end of the Casper Slide, which is Easton's favorite preschool song.
Then, Mrs. Bradshaw had each kid come down and get their certificates. She also read some things that she and some of the mom helpers wrote about him. I wrote that he is sensitive. It's a good and bad thing. My favorite was that he is hungry. So true!! I thought he only said that to me when I was there helping. I told him that in Kindergarten, he won't get any snacks. He was really bummed about that. Hopefully, he will eat a big lunch before he goes to school.

Picture time! I loved how he put his arm around Trevin.
Of course we needed a picture with his neighborhood preschool carpool friends. So fun to have friends and make new friends!
I've LOVED my kids going to Mrs. Bradshaw. She thinks next year will be her last year and I'm bummed Caden won't get to go to her. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

End of School Activities

There's always so much going on at the end of the school year. The beginning of May started with the Cougar Walk. It was a HOT day! We went to watch Sadie but had to leave before it was over and then came in the afternoon to watch Cambree and help mark off laps.
That evening, they had a celebration with food trucks, bounce houses, hair color, face paint, auction baskets, and duct taping the principal to the school wall. He's a good sport!
Of course the only food truck the kids liked anything at was the hot dog one.
The 5th grade does the Wax Museum every year so Cambree got to do it this year. She wanted to be Eleanor Roosevelt. She liked her mostly because she was tall. Almost 6 feet! Back then, that's pretty dang tall! Cambree borrowed some clothes from my mom and I figured out how to roll her hair up and she was good-to-go! She was very good at holding really still until you pushed her "button" and she came to life and told some fun facts.
They also had to draw portraits of their person. They were taught how to draw them. Cambree did a great job! She was very proud of it and has sparked a love for drawing.
Brinley had her final choir concert. She was going to be singing a solo part for some of it. I was so nervous for her but got there early to get a front row seat!
I absolutely LOVE the song she got to sing the solo part in. It was Joyful, Joyful from Sister Act. So fun! She did really great! She even added a few movements and was really into it.
They also sang a really long Disney Medley at the end. It was a fun night!
Her principal is photobombing us. ;)
I also helped at Field Day for Cambree's grade. Our station was pretty much just an obstacle course so we just had to show them how to do it and make sure they were doing it right.

Cambree is balancing an egg on a spoon for the first part.
Sadie had a little walking field trip to a nearby park. I didn't go so I stole this from her teacher's Instagram.
I think Sadie told me they were making marble tracks out of paper??
These 3 were really excited to ride their bikes on the last day of school. They never ride them because Aiden is in Kindergarten and he can't ride a bike home from school.
Sadie's teacher has been really good about taking pictures and posting them so of course, I will steal them! She had been such a great teacher for her.
It's so crazy that school is out! What to do now???

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Preschool Pirate Day

I was happy I got to come to Pirate Day! I tried to dress up a little but I don't have much. Easton was sad that he didn't have a pirate costume either but Mrs. Bradshaw had eye patches and bandanas so they all looked the part.
To get to the treasure, they found words with the first letter of the alphabet going in order. We walked all over the neighborhood. The kids were super excited to find the letters and we had to hold back some of the faster kids so the slower kids could get a chance.

Easton found one!
We found the buried treasure!! The kids had to dig it up. It was quite exciting because the sprinklers were on in the yard next to the sandbox so it was an adventure trying to avoid them!

After that, we headed to our ship! Kerry must have some great neighbors to let us dig in their sandbox and play on their awesome ship they built.
Easton looked like a stud. He OWNED that ship!
Raising the sails!
There were lots of fun things to play on and explore. Preschool ended way to quickly!