Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sadie's 1st Grade Program

Sadie has been singing her 1st Grade program songs for a while now. I love it! The songs are so cute and I love how patriotic they are. I was solo for the program since Shawn was in Logan for work. Mom was in town so she came to it with me so that was nice. Brinley came too since Cambree had already seen it during school.
They asked me to take all the 1st graders pictures again for the flag they make. Kinda fun!
Do you see her? She's in blue.
Sadie sang her heart out! She is in blue and on the back row.
During one of the songs, they showed pictures of people that have served our country. I submitted my grandpa and Larry's pictures so they were in the slideshow. That was neat.
We found her afterward and got some pictures.
I didn't notice but Sadie was on the flag twice! They had to repeat a few kids cuz it wasn't quite a perfect fit.
Sadie showed us her Statue of Liberty artwork.
Later at home, Sadie got on Shawn's shorts and posed as Lady Liberty. Haha!

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