Sunday, May 14, 2017

Our Last Conference Weekend in Tooele

Since my parents are moving soon, we knew it would be our last General Conference in Tooele so everyone living in Utah came. I love being with my family and listening to our leaders. We had an egg hunt on Saturday after the last session. Caden quickly caught on and wanted the candy inside. JJ hid a golden egg with money inside. The kids were all looking around and stepping on it until Cambree found it after several minutes of looking right over and around it!
Tiffany likes to do a service project during conference and came up with making chew toys out of old t-shirts for the Humane Society. It was fun and easy so it was a perfect thing to do.
Cambree is my little note-taker. She has her official conference journal where she takes notes. I love this about her!
My favorite quote from conference...I love how it's the simple, every day things we do:
We stayed the night on Sunday night too and then went to see Barbara on our way home. We didn't stay long but cleaned a little and just wanted to see how she was doing since Larry passing. She's doing well. The kids just watched some TV and played on Grandpa's old chair.

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