Sunday, May 7, 2017

March MishMash

The months of February and March seemed unpredictable with not knowing what was going to happen with Larry. So some things we missed but I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Cambree tried basketball this year. She went to a basketball camp and really liked it and ended up trying out for Bantam Ball. She made the team but it was really pricey so we decided to just sign her up for Jr. Jazz so she could see if she really liked it. Her team didn't win much but she really liked it. So we will see what next year brings!
She's head and shoulders above everyone!
On a visit to the Hancock's house, Easton pretended to play her piano. It plays music on it's own and he had fun pretending.

Avery turned 5! Tiffany went all out again with the party-planning. It was a flamingo theme. It was super cute! Tassels and pink everywhere!

Lots of friends and cousins!
They had a fishing pond among some other games.
They all crammed into the play area under the stairs. Crazy kids.
Angie was in town picking up her kids from mom so it worked out perfect that she could come.
I've been following Waffle Luv on Instagram so I could try their waffles. I hadn't tried them yet and they happened to be in Alpine the night of mine and Cambree's date! So we shared one. It was yummy!
I don't know why Easton's primary teacher sent this to me, maybe to show me he is being good. Hopefully it's not a rare thing.
Cedar Ridge is doing a talent show and a lady in our ward wanted to put together a song and dance for anyone that wanted to join. Sadie wanted to do it. It was fun to see her up there but she wasn't too expressive and I wasn't too sure she really had fun so maybe theater isn't her thing? This was the dress rehearsal.
Shawn got to have an academic advisor retreat at the stadium. I guess he texted it to Brinley to show off. ;)
For mine and Sadie's date, I suggested tennis. She was super excited and loved it! It was a little boring for me but it's not about me. :)
This weather is getting to be so nice! I took a little walk to Caden. I just wanted to remember him being so little.
The youth put on an auction night to raise money for their summer camps. They brought a live goat! I took a picture and sent it to Kristy to see if she wanted to buy it.
My friend posted this pic of Easton and her son, Aiden. He told me he's learning how to climb trees.
My cousin was finally getting married! His fiancé is darling! I loved this gift that someone gave her with bread pans and lingerie.
Sadie went to a fun birthday pool party with tons of friends! It was perfect since my kids all think it's warm enough to swim even though it's only 60 degrees out.
Family night, Twister night! I love how Caden was in on it. Sidenote: Cambree wore this soccer shirt to school. It was her pajama shirt and she was going to change it later in the morning but forgot and just wore her jacket over it all day at school (she actually does that anyway).
Caden has been climbing in the tub and playing in it lately. Sometimes he comes out wet.
Coop outside! It's the best!
Easton is spiderman...except that he was a little scared and wanted help down.
Performance time for Sadie for the school talent show! She was excited!
Kinda hard to see her. She was in the back for much of the time.
"Take a picture of Caden with a basket on his head!" He thought it was pretty fun.
I took the girls out to a Chinese restaurant before the General Women's Conference session. I love this tradition. Brinley got an appetizer. They were like chicken wontons (or something) wrapped up in tinfoil.
But we all shared our food.
Cambree thought the sweet n sour sauce was so yummy. She said, "I think they should make sweet and sour filled doughnuts." Yummy.
We looked out the window and saw 2 cute ducks chilling on our lawn. They have been traveling around the neighborhood.
Easton made this cute picture of him and Caden. I hope it really does happen soon!
This was a big day! Cambree beat Brinley in height! She was so mad!
Sadie found Brinley's old glasses. She popped out the lenses and now wears glasses to "be stylish" if she wants.
Just Dance for FHE was a hit! We should do it more often!
Shawn's old mission president just moved to Utah from Brazil. So we had to celebrate! We had yummy Brazilian food and I had a great time talking to some of the wives. His mission president and his wife were just so nice and seemed like they would've been a great support on the mission. It was actually really fun for me too!

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