Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Egg Hunt Easter

I'm calling it the Egg Hunt Easter because the kids did 4 egg hunts (Cambree and Easton did 5!)! Our first egg hunt was at my parent's house. Melanie and Moe were in town close to Easter so we did a hunt at Lynnette's house and dinner at our house. They did two egg hunts. The teenagers hid the eggs for the little ones and then the adults hid for the teens.

Melanie had some confetti eggs. Sadie was super scared to break them. Cambree showed her how it was done!

It took her forever to finally break the egg!
Cousin picture time! Caden was tired and done! No nap means cranky-pants!

The next egg hunt was for Easton at Preschool. I happened to be helping that day so I got to hide the eggs.
Our city does an egg hunt so we couldn't miss that! Brinley had a game so Shawn went to her game with her so I took the 4 other kids. Cambree is too old to do the hunt so she helped Caden while I watched Easton. Sadie was on her own.
Caden met the Easter Bunny! He didn't want to look him in the eye. He's been so shy lately.
Easton was anxious to start the hunt! I told him to run down the hill and grab the candy at the bottom cuz everyone will stop and get the candy that they see first. Well, he didn't quite understand and went down the hill, across the bridge, and on the other side of the riverbed where the big kids were. Ugh. He only got like 2 pieces of candy. Luckily, they had volunteers walking around with extra candy and she loaded him up. Whew!
I told Cambree to take video of Caden. She took pictures instead and they aren't very good.
After that, we all found each other. Sadie did well too!
Picture! It's just not possible to get them all looking!
That night, there was a teen glow hunt. Cambree and Audrey went and had a lot of fun. It started outside at the golf course and then they had a party inside.
The next day was Easter and we did an egg hunt and dinner at Jody's house with her brother and his kids.
Murphy wanted in on the fun.

Cambree helped Caden again. I love helpers!
Whew! Too much candy but so much fun!

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