Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Bounce House

My kids happened to have a day off of school and we found Groupons to The Bounce House. I invited my mom and dad because they were watching Angie's kids for her while they were in Europe. I also asked Kristy to come along too cuz her kids had it off.
We've never been there (well, Sadie said she went there for a birthday party) and it was really fun! Plenty for everyone of all ages to do.
The climbing wall with a bell at the top was fun. Definitely incentive to get to the top!
Brinley said there was nothing fun for her to do there. I told her to go down the big slide and then her older cousins showed up and I didn't see her since!
Caden found the balloon filled cage and that's all he needed! There was a fan that blew around the balloons. He loved it!!!
Easton tried hard with the thing that you run and then it jerks you back.
Shawn had the day off  and liked relaxing in the foam pit.
This big piano was pretty fun. It wasn't as touchy as the girls would've liked but Caden got a kick out of it.
And some other game that lit up on the floor.
Brinley and Colden had a fight and Brinley won.
Easton could barely lift the thing.
Cambree was too cool for pictures. Oh no!!
Good times with the cousins! We will definitely be going back again!

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