Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cambree at Clear Creek

...well and me. Cambree wanted me to go this year. I had no idea moms even went! But it makes sense cuz that's a lot of girls for 4 teachers to keep track of! It's all the 5th grade girls and they go up to a property about an hour away that the district owns. They have cabins and bunks for the girls and moms and a lunchroom and another open room for activities. It was quite the experience!
I rode up with a mom/teacher who I knew and some other moms. It was fun getting to know some of those women better.
We did roll call before we loaded the buses and I found out which girls I was assigned to.
Cambree and her friend, Jasmine were first in line for the bus. They are quite alike those two!
As soon as we got there, the girls claimed their bunks. I did too! I got the only room with one bunk so me and another mom got that sweet setup.
Yup! The snow was high but the weather was beautiful the days we were there.
After lunch we had rotations. We snowshoed, tie-dyed shirts, crafts, and played a few group games.
I got to go with Cambree. She is VERY timid in many things and snowshoeing wasn't too different! I hung back with her and then her snowshoe came off. I tried tightening it because she said it wasn't tight enough and then I busted the clip. I felt bad about that and told the teacher. She was nice and said that's why we pay a little fee to come up there! To replace some of the things that get broken!
Cambree is that little bitty person walking toward me.
Then Miss King told us some things about nature.
The craft was making necklace beads out of magazine paper and modge-podge.
After going to a few rotations, I got put in charge of a game called Snake Pit. Cambree caught on pretty quick and didn't get bit by too many snakes.
The food was quite interesting. I think it's some of the same stuff they serve at the school. It definitely wasn't the best.
Cambree (and me!) got burned! We are so high up in elevation and it's the first time out in the sun for a long time. Nice!
That night, we all gathered to play some Minute-to-Win-it games. I was in charge of a feather game. It kind of bombed.
Then, the girls got in their pjs and we watched "Remember the Titans". Such a great movie! I hadn't seen it in a while.
Wall-to-wall girls!
That night, some of the girls went on a night walk. Miss King knows her astronomy and showed us some constellations and stuff. Cambree didn't want to go. It was pretty cold but fun to walk around by moonlight. The girls in our cabin all settled down pretty well and we got to bed around 11:00. One girl was a little homesick and scared but she settled down eventually.
The next morning was breakfast, cleaning and getting our stuff out of the cabin, and then some more rotations.
I helped a little with the boondoggling. I've done it before but it's been a long time so I was a little rusty figuring out how to start them.
Once Cambree caught on, she was a fan!
One of the rotations was to march as a Confederate or Union. Miss King taught them about how to hold the guns, flags and drums and what they ate. They gave them some cracker-like food and corn nuts. Cambree isn't a fan of corn nuts. Haha!
Off they go! They marched down and back to the beat of the drum.
After that, we ate lunch and loaded the buses. Somehow, we were way more full on the way back and girls had to sit with stuff on their laps. Weird!
Shawn was great to stay home with the kids. My friend took the preschool carpool to lunch at the park that day. Easton has such great friends!

All in all, it was a good time to spend with Cambree. Even though the water was gross and I didn't get a shower. At least I slept good and made some memories! I'm glad I'm still cool enough that Cambree wants me to come with her. That might not last too much longer!

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