Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tribute to Larry Hancock

Larry passed away the morning of March 2, 2017. He hadn't been doing well since Christmas. He was in a rehab center for over a month trying to recover from a surgery and went home really weak. He has suffered from heart failure for a few years. His lungs would fill with fluid. When he went home, he needed lots of help doing everything. Shawn would go there on Mondays since he was off and help. Eventually, he got really bad. His wish was to see his family before he passed but we didn't think he would make it in time for everyone to be able to see him so they admitted him into the ICU. They gave him oxygen and drained the fluid in his lungs and he perked right up! He stayed in the hospital for a few days and then came home. The out-of-town family was able to come that weekend and see him. That was really nice and he was doing so well and made it a few more weeks. The last time Shawn was there helping, he spent the night. Larry was not really in his right mind. He woke up at 2:30 a.m. and wanted to go somewhere. He kept trying to get up and leave. Shawn spent the whole night stopping him and trying to keep him safe. It was a little rough. He passed the day after that. It was peaceful and he was holding Barbara's hand. He had been on the phone with Melanie and she told him he could go and a few minutes later, he did. It was very touching.
So now we needed to plan a funeral and do some things. I was able to do the funeral program. We also scanned in lots and lots of photos so the funeral home could make a slideshow. We found lots of sports articles that Brinley scanned in. It was fun for her to see how awesome her grandpa was!

Brinley also found that she has her grandpa's lips! This was Larry when he was a Senior in High School. He was a looker!
Shawn's sisters set up the viewing beautifully.

They set out some of his uniforms from the army and clothes from his mission in Argentina.

My parents came. That was really nice. Nicole and Jeff came too. So nice to have that support of friends and family.
Barbara was actually in a lot of pain during all the funeral activities. She has osteoporosis and her back is cracked which is causing so much pain. It was hard for her to stand and sit throughout those days. 
The older girls are so cute to include Sadie.

The next day was the funeral. I loved it. It was so nice to hear more stories about him as a father and brother. His sister told some great stories and all the boys and Lynnette spoke. All the kids also sang a song, so did the grandkids and also "Homeward Bound" was sung by a few granddaughters. It was a long program. The day before, I started to get nervous about how well Caden and Easton would do. I texted my visiting teacher wondering if she was free the next day and if she'd want to come to South Jordan to watch the boys. yikes! She said she was already planning on it! She is amazing and such a lifesaver! My great-nephew, Lincoln, is also a terrible two so she watched him too. Breanne was so grateful!
Shawn's talk was beautiful. He did a great job.

The Pallbearers.
After the coffin was gone, we went back into the church for some lunch that the relief society provided. It was SO good and we were so grateful for that service.
After that, we all went back to Ryan's to just be together and relax. Ryan's ward also supplied us with a yummy dinner. So much service. I don't even know what to say!
Easton, of course, was attached to Val the whole time.

I got to hold another great-nephew, William! Heather and Darin's baby.
Sadie couldn't keep her hands off the baby.
Lincoln and Caden were cute trying to play air hockey together.
Brinley captured this picture of Caden trying to figure out pool. haha!
Sunday, we had everyone come over for the leftovers from the two dinners that were provided from Saturday. We played a game and just visited.
Monday was the burial. They had plots bought at another cemetery but since he was a veteran, we found out he could be buried for free and to have a military burial. So cool! So we arranged to have that take place.
He was buried at Camp Williams. It was really cold and a bit windy and of course the kids didn't bring jackets like I asked them to.

The rifle team was so neat too. I'm so glad we found out about this.

When the Bugler played TAPS, it was all over for me. So touching.
When he was giving the flag to Barbara he said, "On behalf of the President of the United States, he thanks you for your husband's service." (or something close to that)

The boys picked up bullet shells from the firing squad.
The story about TAPS

Our neighbors were so sweet and bought us a beautiful art piece of Christ. So many people supported us and we definitely felt the love. It's hard to loose someone but he was ready and lived a wonderful life. He was a wonderful father to 7 kids. He is probably having a great reunion with his son, his twin brother, his sister, and his parents. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation and to know he is doing a great work on the other side and we will see him again someday. But we will miss this gentle giant! Now we will get to have his support on the other side. You can never have too much support on the other side!