Sunday, March 19, 2017

Roots Tech

When I heard the speaker line-up at Roots Tech, I knew I wanted to go even though I don't know hardly anything about family history! Brinley has an interest so I got her a ticket and Shawn a ticket too. They were free. :) When the time came, Shawn didn't think he could sit that long so Cambree got to go. Donell went with Rachel and my mom and dad and aunts came and so did Kristy. It was a party!
When we got there, we went around to the booths quickly. They had a HUGE family tree on the wall.
When I saw this quote, I knew that this was why I take pictures. It's SO me.
Pictureline had a booth so we got our pictures taken.
Then it was time to hear the speakers. First up was Elder Nelson and his wife. They had great ideas of how to involve your family with family history. They were really cute.
Next up was Vai Sikahema and Reno Mahe and Sheri Dew. It was supposed to be Kalani Sitake, the BYU head coach, but he couldn't make it for some reason so Reno came. They talked about Polynesian culture and how the value family. It was really good!
Hank Smith was the next speaker and, of course, he was great! He had the audience laughing!
Between speakers, they served cake made by The Cake Boss! I stayed to save seats for everyone and they all got cake and didn't bring me any! By the time they came back so I could get some it was all gone! I was pretty upset! Grr...
Vocal Point and Noteworthy got me in a better mood. They were in a sort of competition so they gave them a category and they sang songs in the category. The DJ was super funny too! I can't remember his name but he has a big mouth and does a great Michael Jackson impression.
See our big smiles? It was a fun, fun day! Cambree and Brinley couldn't stop talking about it and definitely want to go next year!
(We took 2 pictures so there is one with Donell in it and one with my mom.)

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