Sunday, March 5, 2017

Midway Ice Castles

Eek! Oh my gosh! We got to go to the Ice Castles!! I've been wanting to go for years!! I knew I wouldn't be able to ever take the whole family because it's so expensive but then I won 4 tickets!!! Sweet!! I wasn't sure I wanted to take Caden because it would be hard to haul him around. Luckily, my sister lives in Midway and she agreed to watch him. Perfect!
It was a little stressful getting there because you select your time and they said they would give away your tickets to standby if you are late. Traffic was bad so we were rushing and then they didn't even check the time (that I was aware of anyway).
It was SO awesome so be ready for picture overload! (Some I took with my phone and some with my good camera.)
As soon as we got there, we got in line to see Elsa and Anna. Sadie decided she didn't want to meet them but I made her cuz it's a cute picture! Cambree went along with it too. Easton was a definite no!
The entrance:
It was pretty crowded!
The kids found a slide and were quick to go down it.

I wanted to try it out too!

Everywhere you turned, there was a photo op.

The kids had fun climbing in tunnels.

Here we all are! Minus Caden. :(
Next we waited in a longer line for a longer slide. It was side-by-side so you could race. Shawn sat out because of some health issues. (lots of photos waiting in line!)

Under the tunnel!

Brinley was loving all the beauty and also took some pictures. I don't remember which ones were hers and which were mine.

Inside the dome was AMAZING!!

I had to get a pic of the kids sitting on the ice chair.

A bridge

The throne! It was hard not to slide off!

People melted coins onto the ice. It looked neat!
The girls were being funny on the ice sofa. They were sliding from side to side.

We had to stay late enough for the lights to come on!

I wanted individuals of my kids...Cambree wouldn't smile though!

He's pretty cute too! ;)

There was a fire show as it was getting even darker. It was pretty fun!

They were just barely making this while we were there. Christmas lights on ice.

Ahh! The ice at night with lights was SO cool!

Goodnight! It was a good night.

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