Sunday, March 12, 2017

January MishMash

It's 2017!!! SO crazy!! The year is starting off pretty normal but I have a feeling it's going to be an eventful one.
We are trying to get back on schedule with the weekly date nights with the kids. I took Sadie to The Sweet Shoppe. She wanted a caramel apple with fruity pebbles. Not my first choice!
Easton and Sadie waited patiently for their cousin Christmas presents. They finally got them! Easton got a remote control car! He was SO excited!
Sadie got some stickers, a recipe book, and a cookie mix.
Sadie was at a friend's house playing on her friend's hoverboard. Her mom called me to have me come over. Sadie got her finger caught in the wheel and flattened her finger. They thought she might've broken it. So she iced it, gave her some pain meds, put on a splint, and watched some Netflix and went to bed. The next morning she said it still hurt so I made an appointment to see the doctor. It was a little swollen and still hurt so we went to the hospital to have it x-rayed. It wasn't broken! Whew! The next day, she said it didn't hurt at all. Oh geez.
At preschool Easton learned about his teacher's mission to Micronesia. So they made necklaces and ate rice on the floor.
Easton is getting so good at reading! The Upstart program is REALLY great and has helped him to read a lot!
Easton got to turn the pages for his class with this book on CD. He did a great job!
Brinley had a lot of fun playing basketball with the YW. She improved a lot from last year.
Brinley just loves stage crew!

I can't remember why I took this picture. I probably thought he was looking so big sitting at the table.
It snowed SO much! Probably the most snow all season and my parents were coming into town for the dance concert! They made it just fine but it was iffy!
I think this was the first time Caden really played in the snow. He was a fan!
Cambree started Jr Jazz basketball! She made it into the tryout Bantam league but it's pretty expensive so we decided to have her do Jr Jazz to see if she even likes basketball. It's the 5th and 6th graders. She always does the tip-off and usually gets it since she's so tall! Too bad she doesn't have the aggressiveness to go with it!
Easton got this CTR crown a few weeks ago and decided to wear it to church. It was pretty cute.
Shawn gave a great FHE lesson about the apostasy and Christ being the foundation with these cups. The kids thought it was pretty cool and a great visual.
Caden kept going upside down on the ball. He was being so funny.
This was a great opportunity for Brinley to go to the bishop's storehouse and help out. She had fun! It looked like fun!
The kids did a puppet show with the many different puppets that Mrs. Bradshaw has. She narrated the first show then the kids took turns telling stories. It was so cute!
Found this cutie in a corner just playing and being good while I was on the elliptical.
My niece is a senior and plays basketball for Corner Canyon. We wanted to see a game. It was fun to watch her!
Larry took a turn for the worse. He just hasn't been doing well since he left the rehab center. He doesn't have much strength and his lungs keep filling up with fluid. He was dying. He really wanted to see all his kids before he died and 3 of them live outside of Utah. They wanted to see him too so they took him to the hospital and they admitted him into the ICU. They drained the fluid and gave him oxygen. He perked right up and commented that he didn't feel like he was dying! We still weren't sure how long he would last so Shawn, me, and Brinley (Kids under 14 weren't allowed in the ICU, Brinley is almost 14. Haha!) went to the hospital to visit him. We brought our iPad so we could FaceTime the other siblings just in case Larry wouldn't be able to make it a week. They could all come a week later so we hoped they would be able to see him then.
I loved how he and Barbara held hands much of the time.
He was pretty alert and cheerful so it was a good visit.
Sadie told me she wanted to change Caden's diaper. Go right ahead! I love my helpers!

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