Sunday, March 26, 2017

February Mishmash

Things are already starting to feel busy! What's up with that?!

Caden was snuggling with Brinley...until I took the picture. Ha! He was checking out Instagram with her. Yes, we let her have Instagram. It might be a mistake with all the time she spends on it!
Caden's face is so funny!! He's rockin' the purple!
New Beginnings!! Cambree got to go this time! Brinley said some things about her welcoming her in to YW's. She looks bored but was looking forward to this night for a while!
They each got a succulent. So fun!
Still helping at preschool. It's really fun. Easton is getting better at painting too.
Everyone from Shawn's family (even the out-of-towners) came to see Larry after he was discharged from the hospital. It was the first week of February. He was doing better but still not great.
Easton loves to play with Grandpa's cars whenever he's there.
Aunt Jody was learning how to make balloon animals. She ended up making him a gun.
Val and Sarah brought along Otis. Sadie loves him! She's a good sport.

We left the family festivities a little early so Sadie and I could go to the BYU Ballet. The first piece was a little long and Sadie was wondering if they were all going to be like that. There was a lot of variety like some modern pieces too. It was a great performance!
We saw someone we knew just as I was taking I guess this was the best I got!
Science and Photoshop? Of course Brinley procrastinated so I had to stay up late with her to work on her project. They had to design something using Photoshop (or something like it) so I had to show her how to do stuff.
Caden "helps" me every morning with my makeup. It drives me crazy!
The weather was so nice we got to the park with friends.
He got himself ready for church. He said he has fashion. Haha!
Shawn has been having some issues since December. It's been frustrating not knowing what is wrong. He's had a CT scan and a colonoscopy. They still don't know what's causing him pain, besides a fissure. Anyway, this was him waking up from his colposcopy. He was so drowsy and wanted to go back to sleep. I was hoping he would say crazy stuff but he wasn't loopy dang it!
Our kitchen chairs desperately needed new seat covers. I finally got on it. I love how they turned out!
Our Mommy-son date! He wanted to go to the Dollar Store so we got him some nunchucks that were promptly took away because he swung them at his brother inside the house.
Easton went to a princess party at his friend's house. He didn't mind that it was a little girly. Birthday parties are the best!
Jordyn is a senior this year and is on the basketball team. We went to Senior Night to support her. It's really fun watching her play!
Sadie drew this of Easton as he is now:
And what he will look like when he gets older (like an old grandpa! he says):
My friend sent me this pic while Caden was at coop. Two peas in a pod reading books!
I helped cut out shapes for these cute snowmen in preschool.
We had Sunday dinner with JJ and Kristy. They taught us a fun game of Monopoly Go. It's fun and quick. I want to play again!
Brinley gives great object lessons for FHE. This one involved fire which she is still nervous about but she handled it well.
Snowshoeing!! I've been wanting to go all year and didn't think it would snow again to go but it did! We talked Heather into going too instead of going to the gym. She was freaked out a little but came. We went at night and on the way down I about fell onto Heather several times. It was a fun adventure for sure!
This is where the trail pretty much ended so we turned around. I was just fine turning around then!
I finally made some yummy pretzels!  They are pretty much the best and Easton's preschool teacher makes them and I finally tried it. They were a hit!
"Mom! Take a picture of us jumping up and down" (so it's blurry)!
This was my first time entering the Shoot and Share contest. It was a lot of fun and SO many amazing photos! I've been voting all month. It's addicting. I was ecstatic that out of 350,000 pictures, I had 3 make it to a finalist in the family category and the wedding details category. 6 other photos made it to the top 10%, 20%, or 30%. It's pretty exciting and just the boost I needed cuz sometimes you question your work and if I should really be doing what I do.
Top right is mine.

Fun times! Bring on spring now! We are ready to get out and do more outside!

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