Thursday, March 2, 2017

Caden's 2 Year Old Birthday Party

Good thing Caden was only turning 2 because his birthday weekend was a little nuts! His birthday was on Friday but the only birthday thing we did was make his cake. I like to make it early and freeze it so it's easier to frost. He didn't mind! He loves it when I bake so he can lick the beaters.
He also learned what Time-Out is. He throws many things and this time, he got put in time-out for 2 minutes. He was hating life.
The next day, we had his little party. I was only going to do a little party but people had plans so it got pushed to right before Sadie's dance concert. We only had one hour between Cambree's basketball game and the concert so we did it then! My parents and J.J. and Kristy came over for it. We had to wake him up from his nap so he was looking really made and confused for cake time.
He blew out his candle all by himself!
Yay! He clapped for himself.
I had the cake inspiration. Anything easy and a ball since he loves balls. Shawn made the cake. Yeah, it's pretty much perfect. 
Chocolate cake! He LOVES chocolate!
Time for presents! It was a little easier picking something out for his birthday than Christmas cuz I see what toys he liked playing with that other people got. We still didn't give him much.
Kristy got him a cute batman ball and some smores fishy snacks.
We got him a bouncy cow. He had fun riding that!

My mom got him this fun basketball/soccer toy.
Well, we did it! We finished up quick enough for me to get makeup and Sadie and to head out to the concert. Craziness!

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