Saturday, March 4, 2017

Alice in Wonderland Dance Concert

It's dance concert time! Sadie was only in one show this time so it was a lot less busy but she was sure sad she could only perform once!
Dress Rehearsal day was a blizzard!! Kristy offered to take Sadie since Caden naps at that time. I was so grateful!
She said it was CRAZY in there for dress rehearsal with 8 classes in one room trying to change. Yikes! But Sadie never mentioned it. She just loves being there with her cousin!
They were mushrooms
And rabbits
Here's some more of their carpool friends.
Show time!!
I stole her away from back stage to take some cuter pics.
She was so cute and knew the dance so well! She told me she was a little worried about forgetting some of the dance. I told her to just smile and no one will know that she messed up. She was beaming the whole time!
She was also a white rabbit for her other dance.
Curtain call! Alice in Wonderland was over.
Grandma got the girls flowers and JJ gave them chocolates. So nice!
I absolutely love watching her dance!
My girls!
This is us! The boys stayed home. I got a sitter. I didn't want to pay for them to be bored. :)
Can't wait for the next one!

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