Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stout Christmas Party

My mom was in charge of the Stout Christmas Party this year. Doralyn was nice to offer to have it in her barn since people probably wouldn't want to come all the way to Tooele. We had dinner and the kids played on the slide and a little in the ball pit. They also had a blow up slide.
Easton was a blur going down the slide.
Tiffany wanted to try it and screamed a little as she went down. She was the fun aunt.
We usually play some type of game and my mom thought it would be fun to do Minute-to-Win-it games. So we were each in charge of a game.
Mandy did "snow shoveling" with cotton balls.
Kristy's game was to get an oreo into your mouth. My parents did it too and my dad's facial expressions were hilarious!
Tiffany's game was cup stacking.
Easton told my mom that this was a picture of him and her and that he loves her.
My mom's reaction to that. :)
My mom's game was to see how many candy canes you can move from one pile to the next with a candy cane in your mouth. Some of these kids were really good at the game!
I found a game where you put balloons into pantyhose to make reindeer antlers. The first person to do it and put it on their head wins! Haha!
My mom and cousin Julie tried it for our team.
Marci and Stephanie did it for the other team.

The finished products!
Or course the kids had to give it a try.
Haha! Good times!!

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