Sunday, January 1, 2017

School Christmas Programs

It just so happened that the Elementary school and Easton's preschool both had their Christmas programs on the same day. Shawn worked 1/2 a day so we divided and conquered...sort of. Cambree REALLY wanted me to watch her but I had to take Easton to his program. So I got to watch Sadie but then had to leave. Shawn stayed to watch Cambree and then came late to Easton's program.
Sadie is on the right with a white shirt and black sweater.
Cambree is easy to spot. The tall one!
They dressed up 50's style because they did some 50's Christmas songs.
I had a cute jacket that he was wearing and he took it off right when he got there. He says it's only for church. Stinker.
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!
Crazy eyes! I love these canvases she has them make.
The kazoo number was great. ;)
I also helped for Sadie's class Christmas party. I did the snack. We made marshmallow snowmen and Grinch hats. The kids liked it and it lasted the whole time I needed it to. That is always hard to judge.

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