Friday, December 30, 2016

My Mom's Birthday Wish

My mom didn't want anything for her birthday, just a trip to the temple with all the adults...and dinner out. She also wanted to go to the Provo City Center Temple. I haven't been to that temple yet (besides the open house) so I was excited to go. We did sealings so we could be all together. It was unexpectedly busy so we had to wait awhile. When we finally got in, my mom told the sealer that it was her birthday. He told us we could sing to her. So we whisper-sang Happy Birthday and it was really awful but a fun memory. My mom really enjoyed us being there and I saw her eyes dad mostly napped. ;)
After that, we went to eat at Brick Oven. We had a cozy spot that was just perfect for our group. They sang and brought her a big piece of pie.
Cosmo was in the house! There was a BYU Basketball game going on that night so I guess he comes to Brick Oven. We told him it was mom's birthday so she got a hand kiss.

Kristy got "bones" and J.J. got a hug. Cosmo is the best! Made our night even better!

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