Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent at home. The kids decorated gingerbread houses. I heard about hot gluing the houses since that's the part I hate about gingerbread houses is making sure the frosting is thick enough to get them to stay. So that solved it.
Cambree wanted to make a fence and glue gunned the whole fence on. Then Sadie wanted to do that too. 
Cambree made a bench out of pretzels for her yard.
I spent some of the day getting food ready for our Bethlehem dinner that night. My parents came over to spend that evening with us. They were staying the night at J.J.'s that night.

It's hard to see but Sadie was laying down eating grapes. It seemed appropriate. 
Shawn gave a nice thought as we were finishing dinner and then we all talked about our favorite story about Christ.
Then we cleaned up and acted out The Nativity.
Easton told me he really wanted to be baby Jesus because he is a cute baby Jesus. Then he showed me his baby Jesus face (like a pouty baby face). He wasn't feeling too great so he was happy to just lay there. 
Brinley wanted to be Mary cuz she's never been, Cambree was Joseph and a shepherd and Sadie was an angel and the innkeeper. 
After the Nativity, the kids got to open their jammies from Grandma Hancock.

The girls really wanted these onsie jammies. They matched and actually were fine with matching!

Time for bed! The kids went to bed really good. Easton slept in Brinley's room and Sadie slept in Cambree's room. They think that's totally fun. Except that Easton was coughing so bad that he woke up in the night and slept in his room. Poor kid.

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