Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Day

Christmas was on a Sunday. Good thing we had 11:00 church! It was just enough time.
Here's what things looked like before the kids had at it! A little sparse...we don't do Christmas too big around here.
Caught him! ;)
Poor Easton didn't want to wake up! That's weird. The girls got him to come down but he said he wanted to go back to bed. So we let him. We all ate breakfast and then Shawn went to get him. We knew he wouldn't want to miss seeing his presents. He perked up when he saw what he got but I felt so bad for him. He must've felt pretty sick to not want to wake up on Christmas morning!

Sadie got a watch. She was super excited about that!
Caden got Zootopia (his favorite!) and a wiggle car. He's still a little small for it but it will be good to have more than one.
Easton got a Bat Cave. He loved it!
This picture doesn't show it but Brinley was excited about her headphones.
Body spray and a drink!
Cambree got the Lego Friends roller coaster set. I know what she will be doing all day!

Next we unwrapped the presents from each other from under the tree.
Caden was fascinated by the light wand.
Sadie got a mermaid blanket
Cambree got a watch too
Easton was excited to get a Boogie Board

I always like to get a picture before or after church. My parents were there to go to church with us so they took the's a little too far away but at least you see the big mess! It was so nice that my parents came to church since Shawn is in charge of the music and Brinley and Cambree are in the choir so it was just me and the little kids during the program. I was glad they came so I could enjoy the program more. Shawn did a great job and it was so nice to have Christmas on a Sunday.
Caden was done and didn't want a brother picture with their matching sweaters. :(

I was hosting Christmas dinner that day. I was grateful that Kristy did the ham. It was snowing pretty good that day so Mandy and Nate couldn't make it. That was sad. But Tiffany and David made it. That was surprising since they live in Midway now.
It's funny that Cambree is ducking.
After dinner, we opened presents to and from cousins and then some of us had sibling gives to exchange. We FaceTimed Angie's family so they could see the group retirement gift for mom and dad and so they could see the gifts her kids gave. It was a little chaotic!
Avery dove into this present from my mom. You can't even see her!
My mom made the little grandkids cute towels. Easton LOVED his Minion! She did such a great job on them. They looked store bought.
She made Caden a frog.
After that, we just chilled and played games. It was a good Christmas day!

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