Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas Card 2016

I think our Christmas Card turned out great!

Here's what it said about our year:

The Hancocks have had a slower year, which has been nice. They went on one short trip for Spring Break to Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley. They met Missy’s sister there with her kids so they all hike around together. They had a great time! They also had a family reunion "staycation", which gave them an opportunity to catch up and bond with the Hancock family.
SHAWN is approaching his 3rd year as a counselor at BYU. He loves working for his alma mater and helping students. He's had opportunities to serve on several committees and enjoys making a difference in the students' experience. He still enjoys being involved in athletics and had the chance to play on a competitive softball team. He still can hit the long ball!! He also still serves as the choir director at church and is preparing for his 3rd Christmas program.
MISSY continues to be busy at home managing the 5 kids and her photography business. However, she has fulfilled an item on her bucket list earlier this year. She and Shawn celebrated their 15 year anniversary in Hawaii (although her parents came along too)! Her aunt and uncle were serving an LDS mission there and they were excited to see them and to see the beautiful island of Oahu. They snorkled, toured Pearl Harbor, hiked, saw whales and a turtle, and spent some time at the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was a dream! 
BRINLEY is now a teenager!! She is in 8th grade and doing very well. She applied to be on her Jr High's Stage Crew and got in. She LOVES it! She ran the sound board for the school’s musical and did great! She also is in the all girl’s audition choir Bella Voce. Brinley loves all things music and continues to play the piano. She also is playing rec soccer and does well at being the goalie.
CAMBREE turned 11 and is in 5th grade. She is very responsible and such a good student. She is still playing rec soccer, but quit dance. She is giving basketball a try since she wants to take advantage of her height! She’s the tallest in her grade! Where does she gets her height from? Cambree is still taking piano and is doing really well, although she is getting less enthused with it. Her parents want her to continue until she can site read better. Cambree is a wonderful older sister to the kids and 2nd mommy to Caden. She tells me that she loves Caden the most out of everyone:)
SADIE is now 7 years old and in 1st grade. She is loving being at school all day and eating lunch there:). She is playing soccer this year and isn’t afraid to go after the ball. Sadie continues to dance and can’t wait until she’s 8 to do piano. She can already play some songs just by listening to it.
EASTON recently turned 5 and had his first "friend" party-- Transformers was the theme. He talked about it for days! He is now in preschool and learning so much. His favorite word to spell besides his name is apple. He tried t-ball for the first time, but it was "kinda boring."  But he did soccer again and finally caught on. He was the top goal scorer! Easton is a dramatic kid and keeps those around him laughing…except when he tries to escape from Primary! Yikes!
CADEN is 22 months…almost a terrific 2! He’s still a good toddler but is starting to get into stuff and knows how to open doors. He is a slow talker (why talk when you have so many siblings that will do anything at your beck-and-call?). He loves balls and will kick or throw any ball he can find. He will disappear to the basement and they will find him playing with a ball. He also loves to dance to music and makes us smile a lot!

We love you all and hope you are all well. We think about you often. May you have a beautiful Christmas Season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Have a wonderful year!

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