Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas Activities

Some of us (Cambree) started off Christmas break feeling a little sick but I felt like we could take a drive to the Salem Pond. I heard they have lights to look at and that there's a neighborhood nearby that does a display of Christ's life so I wanted to check that out too.
The pond was great! They had lighted trees on the water! We drove around once and then got out and walked a little bit but it was COLD!
Cinderella's coach

We had to drive through the neighborhood a little fast since it was getting late and Caden was getting restless.
After Christmas we needed to see the lights at Temple Square and the windows at Grand America. Don't worry, Cambree reminded me over and over that we needed to do that still. Some of the kids were feeling better but some still weren't up to it. Easton and Caden were still a little sick and Brinley wasn't feeling great so she stayed home to babysit them. Shawn wasn't feeling great either but he came anyway. We met some of my family up there to go with them. Mandy and Nate brought our gifts to us and went to Grand America with us. They had already seen the lights so they didn't want to do that again. The windows were themed Christmas Around the World.
Brazil display...I made Shawn pose by the window
The giant gingerbread house with all the little cousins.
Cambree thought the well was cute.
Of course we had to stop by the bathrooms! These girls were posing fancy.
Me too ;)
When we were done with Grand America, we made our way to Temple Square. I drove to City Creek to park but the girls really wanted to ride Trax so Shawn went with them and we met up at the mall. We walked over to Temple Square and stopped to see the candy windows.
The lights were as beautiful as ever!
We saw the different nativities. This African one I don't remember seeing before. Maybe it's new?

The lanterns are a fav of mine too.
The tabernacle was a nice place to sit and warm up. Mom and Dad were with us too but Dad got really cold so they hung out at the south visitors center.
We went out to see the nativity and then went back to find mom and dad.
Here's the crew...minus mom and dad taking the picture.
Since everyone was feeling so crappy, we watched lots of movies. Shawn went with J.J. and my dad to Star Wars so I took Brinley and Cambree to see it. We went on $5 Tuesday and got to see it in 3D! It really was good but the ending was sad.
We took the kids to see Trolls (Well, all the kids except Brinley and Caden. Brinley already saw it so it was perfect!). The kids loved it! It was a cute show. Sadie gave it two thumbs up!
On another day, Kristy wanted to get out with the kids. She was thinking about swimming or skating. I didn't think my kids were quite up to those activities but I heard about the University Mall having a new play area and I've been wanting to check it out so we did.
Poor Easton still doesn't look so great. He said he was tired at the end.
Then, we walked around the mall for a bit. We went into the Disney store and H&M. Annie and Sadie wanted to try on hats. They are so funny.
Shawn wasn't feeling great and he's had some other issues involving his rear-end so we ended up not being able to get out much. He was able to sit through movies though and we saw The Arrival that we've been wanting to see for a while. It's been in the theaters for awhile so the only showtimes were at 9 a.m. or at 3 p.m. We couldn't do 3 because it would've messed with some other plans we had so we went at 9 a.m.! That was early! Our puffy eyes show it too! It was a great flick though!

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