Sunday, January 15, 2017

December MishMash

One of my most favorite times of the year! This is what we did with it:

Easton has playgroup with his friends every Friday. One of the moms sent me a picture with all the boys dressed up. I guess all the superheroes were trying to defeat the mighty dinosaur!
I like to get pictures of my kids from other people's Instagram accounts. :) Easton was at coop with these cute girls.

Brinley had a Christmas choir concert. It was cute and she was one of the few with a Santa hat on.
I love helping in preschool and seeing how well Easton is learning (or not learning!) things. They are starting to write in journals.
This shirt was like a match made in heaven. I don't know when was the last time I've been this excited to get an article of clothing. I needed an ugly sweater for a party and this one was at Walmart. The last one left and in my size! I was SO excited! It's pretty much the best thing ever and you can bet I wore it as much as possible! Sometimes two days in a row!
Haha! Easton looks so funny smiling and looking at Hazel's cool Christmas tree.
See? It came in handy at our annual Bunco party at Fong's!
Brinley was helping clean up the family room. She was a pro at picking up all the Little People toys! Now that's talent! I don't know how she didn't fall down the stairs!
Sadie's teacher brought her dog in to the classroom. Sadie thought that was the best thing ever!
Easton was getting ready for church. ;)
Brinley loves her Sunday School teacher. He happened to be on Wipe Out a few years ago so he invited them all over for dinner and to watch it.
Easton playing at a friends house. She said he's thinking about dying his hair black cuz he looks so good!
We finally took the kids to see Moana. They said they were the last ones to see it. So was still in the good theaters! (And yes, we got a babysitter for Caden.) It was a later movie and Easton actually fell asleep for a bit during it. It was a cute movie.
I got to be at preschool to make gingerbread houses.
Easton has had an obsession with tigers lately. Good thing there's a dress up for him at school.
Easton and Trevin
Yeah, Caden definitely always wants to lick the beater when I'm making anything. He's not too clean about it either.
The annual BYU Christmas dinner. Shawn is on the committee for it. Not his favorite thing but he loves it when he gets to taste-test the food they might serve.
I hosted playgroup and since it was close to Christmas, we decorated cupcakes. They got creative and looked like UFO's or something. (Missing Trayden. They were already gone for Christmas break.)
Aiden and Sam
I finally got to do something other than edit while watching a movie! So we got out a Christmas puzzle and watched The Santa Claus. They bad thing about me and puzzles is I have to finish! It was 500 pieces and Sadie started to help me but needed to go to bed so Brinley stayed up and helped me finish it at 12:05 a.m. and yes, she is wearing my cool shirt!
We finished it and then took some pieces out so Sadie could put them in in the morning. ;)
Sienna had her one year old birthday party! Tiffany did a great job decorating and throwing the party. I came a little early to take pictures of all the Collettes because Allie was in town. It was my first lifestyle shoot because we had to do it all indoors because of Ellen having surgery on her foot. But we hid her boot and we got some great images.
So I hung out after the shoot until the party. My parents brought my family so that was nice to not have to bring two cars up to Midway. She had a game where we guessed which picture was her age at what month. I did horrible. Instead of giving gifts, Tiffany wanted us to give a card with advice that Sienna would open when she turns 18. Pretty cool!
And the traditional cake smash! She dug into it!
I just love her crown! We took pics of her with that crown. Adorable!
Caden was playing by himself for quite a while with this car set. He was lining them up. It was so cute!

As I was driving home from running Sadie to dance, I saw this beautiful sunset! I should've pulled over right when I saw it, but I didn't and drove around a huge block to capture it. It's still good but it wasn't as colorful as it was. I love that we live so close to the temple.
I think this is Brinley's last science project! I think I said that last year. She did this one completely on her own, which was nice. She had the idea to play different types of music for people and then show them ink blots. Then they said what shape first came into their minds. It was interesting to see how influencing music is.
Caden looked cute all wrapped up in his frog towel. He didn't seem amused that I was trying to take his pic.
 December was a fun one! Now for the dreaded January...dun, dun, dunnnnn!

Friday, January 13, 2017

New Year's Eve

We didn't have any plans for New Year's Eve with family so we had to make some! I asked Nicole if they were doing anything and they weren't so it was on! The kids played games and watched movies and we had plenty of yummy food. That's all we need to keep everyone awake (or so we thought...see the pics below)! We rang in the New Year with sparkling apple juice and a silly string war. Good times!
Sadie and Easton played War
The older girls played Apples to Apples
Easton couldn't quite make it.
I knew Easton wouldn't want to miss the silly string war because he had been talking about it all week. So we woke him up and he was a wreck! He kind of did the war and then promptly went back to sleep on the couch. Parker didn't move a muscle through the whole thing. Can't wait to see what 2017 brings!!