Monday, August 21, 2017

June Mish Mash

Oh summer! How I love thee! Let me count the ways...
Easton did a great FHE lesson where we wrote to a missionary in the ward. Cambree drew a super cute picture of Sister Ruffner.
Brinley headed off to Girls Camp shortly after summer started. I brought her over to the church bright and early! She wasn't thrilled that I took her picture.
I love it when leaders send me pics! They made these cool masks that they could decorate and then write things on the inside.

They did all sorts of fun things like horseback riding, archery, batting cages, swimming, mountain bikes, etc.

Sweet leaders treating Brinley to ice cream.
Brinley was told her dad would be proud! ha!
Trying to get on a schedule for summer. These 2 are doing school and Caden is trying to follow along.
We pulled out the slip-n-slide while we were babysitting my friend's kids. It's always a good time!

Birthday pedicure time! Love mine and Nicole's little tradition. It's always needed at the beginning of summer.
Brinley and I went on a date to see Wonder Woman! It was really good and made me even more proud to be a woman. Girl Power!
Caden was so cute playing with Cambree's Sadie's pony girls.
Swim lesson time! The kids love it! Caden was really good to just sit and watch even though he really wanted to get in.

One of his shoes is always falling off!

Sadie's getting her dive down!

We even had friends that were in their same classes some of the time.
A week after girls camp was over, Brinley got to go to Stake Youth Conference. They started it off by each ward going to a different temple to do baptisms. Our ward went to the Payson Temple.
The next day, they packed up to head up to Mutual Dell. The theme was My Own Sacred Grove. I was excited to hear all about it when she got back.

Brinley had great tent mates that helped with her experience at youth conference. The highlight of the camp, was a kind of faith walk. They had a bunch of different scenes from Joseph Smith's life that people acted out. Brinley said it was really powerful and it definitely helped grow her testimony. I was so grateful she had that opportunity.

Shawn has softball games through the end of June.
They went to the finals and took 2nd. So close! Dang it!
Easton got to go to Logan's birthday party. One of the activities was to walk like a crab and pick up candy. Logan came up with it. It's pretty creative!

And Sienna loves me...or she just loves everyone.
Do you see the kids in the tree? It's their new favorite thing to climb out tree.
Marlie is going on a mission to Japan! She was going through the temple. Shawn had a softball game but I went. It was a lovely session and I'm so excited for her.
I shot a wedding and after the temple pictures, I went to my car and my keys were locked inside! Dang it! Shawn had to drive clear up to the Oquirrah Mountain temple to rescue me! At least I didn't have to do pictures right after. They didn't need me until the reception in the evening.
Easton came running down the stairs telling me he was Captain Underpants! I couldn't help but laugh and take a picture.
This kid also graduated from Upstart! They had a cute graduation. He is happy to be done with it but I am happy with how much progress he's made. He has a good start on Kindergarten.

His good friend, Trayden, graduated too. Cute kids.

We went out for dessert afterwards. I've wanted to try Baked Bear. It's a new place with cookies and ice cream. It was yummy! Easton wasn't too impressed actually. He just wanted a frosty. Of course!
We had a ward auction where we won ice skating lessons. Sadie has told me she's wanted to do that so the day finally came! There was A LOT of falling but also A LOT of smiling. She had the best time and it went by way too quickly.

Bring on the rest of summer!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sadie's 1st Baseball Season

Sadie loves to try new things so why not baseball? And summer is all about baseball so I thought it was a great idea! We had fun watching her and she had a blast playing. She was always one of the first ones to go after the ball and was always excited to run and bat. She wasn't so great at batting and would usually need the tee brought out but it never seemed to bother her.
The field was beautiful!
Watching the game was interesting...the kids were mostly good and sometimes we left Caden at home.
Sadie loved the treats at the end, of course, and was the self-designated water bottle sprayer.

Sadie was always ready to run! Sometimes she would slide into home without needing to.

Cute little team! Sadie had one friend that she knew in our ward, McKenzie, so that was fun.