Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Girls Family Weekend

Well the fun just never ends!! We got back from our vacation on Sunday and the cabin weekend was the following weekend with my cousins, aunts, and sisters. Shawn wasn't able to get more work off so I was worried I wouldn't be able to go up until Friday night. I asked Melanie if she could watch Caden and she said she could but then Shawn's uncle died so she and Lynnette wanted to go to the funeral. Barbara went too. So now i didn't have a sitter. But my dad came to the rescue! He said he would watch the boys and I was able to leave Thursday evening. Cambree got the kids all ready in the morning and took them to coop and then my dad picked them up at noon, fed Easton lunch and got him to Kindergarten. He only had to watch Caden while he napped until Brinley came home. It's a lot of juggling but I'm grateful for everyone helping me out.
At the cabin, we ate, scrapped (I do it all digitally now), watched movies, played games, did some family history (I found my first name to take to the temple!) and relaxed in the hot tub. It was so nice to do that after a vacation. You need a vacation after a vacation!

While I was gone, there was a Daddy-Daughter Activity Days activity. I was actually supposed to be there to help but they said they had it covered. They did Minute-to Win-It games. I was sad I missed it but was glad to be at the cabin too. :/

Then they did a shaving cream and cheeseball game. Haha!

Saturday we woke up to a skiff of snow! The weather was a little chilly but we didn't think it would snow. I'm just glad it wasn't too much and we got home just fine. I feel so relaxed and refreshed and ready to take on my busy photography season!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Epic Beach Trip A.K.A Disneyland - Day 7

Our trip has come to an end. :( We cleaned up the rental (we didn't have to do much), said good-bye to the Pattersons, and took off. We wanted to go to Downtown Disney. We've never been before and some of the kids had some money to spend.
Easton and Spencer are such good friends. He was really sad to say good-bye to him.
Same with Sadie and Evelynn.
We got to Downtown Disney pretty quickly and found the Lego Store. They had really fun lego displays!

All these cool, little Lego guys made a design.

Sadie ended up buying a Lego set with her money. We went to the Disney store and Cambree found some pens to give her friends. Easton wanted everything in the store but no money. I told him that we could buy his birthday present there and got him a Lightening McQueen remote control car. Sadie was the richest one and also bought some NumNum stuffed characters.
It was time to hit the road. We made it to Las Vegas to stay with Val and Sarah and watch the BYU vs. Utah game. That's why we all wore our BYU shirts all day...in case you didn't notice. :) Easton and Sadie played in the pool with Conrad while we watched the game.

Unfortunately, they lost. It was a sad game.
The next morning, we packed up again to come home. I totally forgot to take a picture of Easton with the travel bear...a bear from Kindergarten that they can take on trips. So we settled for this one.
Car boredom...Sadie put a princess tattoo on Caden. Haha!
Well, that was such a fun vacation! I really hope my kids will remember it and appreciate it. We had to make a lot of sacrifices to get there. It's expensive! But totally worth it...although Shawn might not agree. ;)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Epic Beach Trip A.K.A Disneyland - Day 6

We were all a bunch of newbies when it came to Universal Studios. Angie had been once before but the rest of us hadn't. So it was fun to experience it together.
We got there soon after it opened. Angie and Rob were a little behind us so we actually didn't meet up with them until after lunch. We just kind of did our own thing for the morning.

I wanted to get on the Harry Potter ride first thing cuz I figured it would just get busier as the day went on. Daigon Alley was amazing!! It was like we were in a different land! The bathrooms even had Myrtle's voice playing.
Universal has the rider switch all figured out. Caden was able to stand in line with us and then right before the ride, Shawn went into a little room to wait while the rest of us rode and then we switched when we were done. The rooms all have toys, a drinking fountain, and diaper changing station. It was great!
The wait wasn't too bad and it's entertaining waiting and walking through Hogwarts.

The entrance to Dumbledore's office.

The talking and moving portraits...
Dumbledore's office...
Harry, Ron, and Hermoine entertained us by filling us in on what the ride would be about.
The ride was AMAZING! It was like we were flying on brooms. Easton wasn't actually quite tall enough but they didn't double check him again and he was SO close so he got on and he loved it!
We all were able to go on the Hufflepuff roller coaster ride. Caden saw everyone lifting up their hands on the ride and did it too. It was the cutest thing!

Simpsons land...we didn't ride the ride. I think it was the only one we didn't ride. It was always a long wait.

The view was pretty awesome.
Marilyn Monroe's red carpet...
The next thing we did was the Studio Tour. It was neat to see the different sets. Many of the sets were used for lots of different movies and tv shows. I like how one side of the buildings would look like a city and one would look like an old western film.

All these famous cars were in movies.

They showed us what a flash flood looks like. It started raining and then all this water came gushing down the roads. It was awesome!
Another set...they told us what all these sets were from but I didn't really know what movies they were from so I don't remember.

This was the set for Jaws. They showed it's fin coming at us in the water and then it blew up stuff. So cool.

This guy was on lunch break or something and was pretending to be the guy from Psycho. I asked Angie if he was there for their tour and he wasn't. Creepy.
This huge set was used for War of the Worlds. It was intense.

They had two buildings with big screens on the sides and it was like a ride. One was t-rex and king kong fighting. Easton was really scared. The next one was Fast and the Furious with a car chase that we were in. It was crazy!
Next we went to go on the Jurassic Ride. As we were trying to find the ride entrance, we were corralled into an area to meet a Raptor. It looked super realistic. It was fun and we got a pic!
The ride was a water ride and some of us got pretty wet. Shawn and Brinley went after us. The play area was fun for Caden. We met up with the Pattersons there.
We saw Bumblebee but he was done having pictures taken with him.
The wait line for Transformers was fun too. The ride was awesome with water sprays and heat.
Next we rode The Mummy ride. That was the only ride Easton couldn't ride. You went forwards and backwards.

It was time for a little snack/lunch break. We went to Harry Potter world and got Butterbeer. Yum!!

Our Butterbeer mustaches...
Brinley, Cambree, and I went to roam around for a bit to go to Honeydukes, another shop, and the wand shop. The Olivander's little experience was a LONG wait so we just went in and bought a wand.
Hogwarts Express...

All the wands!! So many!! Cambree took a test online that said she needed a wand made out of cedar wood. Well, out of all those wands, they didn't have one made out of cedar wood. So he told us some wands that were close to cedar wood which was vine. He showed us 3 choices. One was like a skeleton and she didn't pick that. I liked the one she picked.
We hurried out so I could be with Caden while the others rode a ride. Cambree, Easton, and Evelynn wanted to try out the wand in the windows that you could do spells. It was really magic!!

While we waited for them to get off the ride, we saw a little show of the acapella choir of toads.
After that, we rushed over to see the Water World show. We sat in a spot where we would probably get wet but we didn't get too wet. It was hot so it would've been nice to get more wet!
The show was AMAZING!! How many times have I said that? The stunts were so cool and there was lots of water, fire, gun shots, and an airplane flying into the arena!! A real plane!!
There's the plane.

We hit up the Minion ride after that. It was a cute ride and really fun!
After the ride was a dance party!
Angie and Rob were pretty pooped (and felt a little sick) from the rides. I wasn't and neither was Shawn. He took the older kids to the Transformer ride again and I stayed around the Minion area and took the littles on a small ride.

Dylan and I really wanted to ride Harry Potter ride one last time so we booked it over there to go on it while Angie and Rob watched the kids. Love that ride!
The sorting hat...
The pictures on the posters move, of course.
It's the end of our day. I really wanted to get dinner at the Three Broomsticks but Shawn couldn't decide (cuz it would be pricey) and then they closed the doors. The Pattersons ate there though.
Our walk out...The buildings were cool...like a mini city.

We found the Walk of Fame as we were trying to find a place to eat. We didn't get out cuz the traffic was pretty bad. So this was a picture from the car. :)
Universal was a GREAT place to go! Our kids had a great time there. I like it just at much as Disneyland. It was a good day (that ended a little sour cuz it took so long to find a place to eat and the traffic was bad, like always!).