Monday, December 26, 2016

While Shawn's Away, We Try to Play...

Shawn had a work trip the week after Thanksgiving. Not my favorite tradition. :/ He went to Atlanta for a week and I just try and stay busy.
Easton's preschool teacher said one of his eyes strays slightly. We went in to the pediatric eye doctor and had it checked out. He noticed a very slight stray but not very bad at all. He was surprised she even noticed. His teacher's boys both had a problem so that's how she spotted it. Anyway, he's supposed to get it checked out again in a few months to see if it's gotten worse. They decided to check his eyesight too so they dialed his eyes. While we were waiting, he was messing around on the chair and fell off and knocked his face on the wall against some equipment. It bled a bit. He broke his glasses that he had on to help with the dilation so when the doctor came in, he was a crying mess. They gave him new glasses and he calmed down. I got him a slushee afterward and he was all better.
I think it should be a tradition that when Shawn is away, we go to Pizza Pie! The kids loved it and Cambree had a free Monster Cookie dessert. It was SO yummy!
Shawn HATES to put up Christmas lights and the kids can't stand not having lights up. We found a laser light thing and Brinley set it up while Shawn was gone. It was fun to have a little dance party with it before we set it up.
Trying to get Caden to try new foods. He doesn't like olives so much.
For Activity Days, the MiaMaids did hair and nails for the 11 year olds. Cambree had so much fun and thought her hair was super cute! I've never seen it so curly!
Well, the rest of the week was pretty normal which I was grateful for.

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