Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays. I love the food and I love getting together with family.
Easton had a Thanksgiving feast at preschool. He dressed up like an Indian.

Easton's carpool friends.
Easton's preschool class
The boys!
His placemat
I didn't go to Easton's preschool feast but I did go to Sadie's feast. It was kind of last-minute because they needed some extra help. I was happy to be able to go. I got to serve the kids and then I had some questions to ask and talk while they ate.
For Thanksgiving, my mom was hosting so we headed to her house for the big feast. We went the day before and stayed until Friday afternoon. It was nice to be there a little longer.
It snowed soon after we got there. We didn't think it would snow so the kids didn't have their snow gear but that didn't stop them from going out. (Avery really wasn't crying in this pic...she was trying to catch the snow in her mouth. Haha!)
My mom got this picture. These brothers are too cute!
The kids made some turkeys to pass the time until dinner.
Easton's turkey was in a pool of glue!
Shawn ran to the store to get a few food items and while he was heading down, he got a flat tire. Ugh. Thank goodness my dad and J.J. were around to help him out! Tiffany took matters into her own hands and carved the turkey herself! It's usually my dad's job. She did good!
Mandy made some green bean dish and Kristy made some yummy stuffing!
I made my yummy rolls! I was sure to wear my Feast Mode shirt from Girls Camp. It was perfect!
My lovely plate! Yum! (too bad it's sideways)
We played games that night. I'm not a huge fan of Skum but I was Skum King for a bit!
I found Easton playing Hide-n-Seek in the closet. Crazy kid.
More art...
...and more games!
We came back on Friday and on Saturday, Shawn got the tires changed on the van, I did a photo shoot, and then we went to the BYU game. A storm was coming in so it was windy and a little cold!!! But we were able to sit closer with Nicole and Jeff. That was fun but not so fun to see Taysom get injured again!!
This play is where he was running for a touchdown and got injured instead.
So sad!

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