Sunday, December 11, 2016

October Mish-Mash

I just love fall! The colors were vibrant and lasted a long time. October was great! Here's what it looked like to us:
Lots of soccer going on every weekend. Brinley seems to have improved a lot. She's got a strong kick!
Blackmail for Brinley and her friend!

Cambree wanted a perm! I told her a perm is really permanent! She saw a picture of Brinley getting one at about her age and thought it was really cute. She is also planning on being Hermoine for Halloween so it fit with her costume. (Now she's already sick of it! Grrrr...)
Remember the stink???
And the after! So pretty on her long hair!
Caden insisted on sitting in all the laundry baskets full of clean clothes. Doh!
Easton finished his short soccer season. Shawn and Easton's friend's dad were the coaches. They were a cute team.
Easton and I watching Sadie's game. It was a cold one!

Easton finally earned back his Breaker car set. Ugh. Hopefully he's done pooping his pants!
I love that Sadie's teacher sometimes posts about their day.
Brinley really wanted this Stage Crew jacket. She bought it herself and even got her name on the front.
Shawn's softball tournament was fun to watch. Their team took 2nd.
We brought all the kids and Brinley's friend, Aubrie, came too. Good times. It was cold. Haha!
The whole first grade was invited to one of the teacher's farms to get a pumpkin and to see her animals. It's such a cute property.
Haha! This picture!
They loved the snow cones!
Easton drew this darling picture in church. I love how the dog, Rosie, is so big especially because we don't have a dog.
Caden was copying Easton and trying to climb the wall.
These two are really starting to play so cute together. Easton tackles him and I think he's hurting Caden but Caden usually comes up laughing.
I don't take enough pictures of this kid. He is too cute!
Getting donuts for my son will make him want to marry your daughter. ;)
Brinley got to go to the first BYU game. She was stoked!
Sadie had a first grade field trip to the apple tree orchard by our house. I saw them as they were walking back to school. I just missed them.
Brinley babysat for a new family that is a sister of someone in our ward. They have 6 boys and are a little crazy. They were jumping on the tramp and one boy got a bloody nose. She's a tough girl and handled it like a champ!
Easton got to go on a field trip to the Scera Theater. They were performing Willy Wonka. It was REALLY cute! Easton loved it! They had fun props and costumes. Some of the tricks they did onstage was so fun too.
I love what Easton said:
Brinley had her first choir concert with Belle Voce. She let me curl her hair and put on some makeup. She looked so pretty!
Easton and Aubrie like to sit outside and wait for carpool. It's so cute!
Easton went to Hazel's rainbow party. I thought his hair was so fun!
I thought Sadie's name on her paper was so funny. I don't know when she decided to put Davis on.
Brinley gave Caden a bath. She took this picture so she must've thought he looked cute.
Easton's pumpkin was cute that he made at preschool.
Caden knows that whatever I put in my mixer is good. He was begging the whole time for a taste.
I needed a Halloween wreath since mine blew away last year! I decided to make one. I thought it looked cute.
(The picture is turned.)
Gage had a fun Halloween party. The weather was perfect to go outside.
My friend sent me this cute picture of these 3 boys at coop watching a show.
Sadie had fun playing soccer. She didn't love playing goalie but wasn't afraid of the ball.
Shawn was also the coach for Sadie's team. They were all pretty new players so they had lots to learn.
Brinley's soccer team:
Cambree's soccer team:
I was actually a fun mom and made a Halloween graveyard treat. Turns out, the kids still hate pudding and hardly ate them. ALL of them don't really like pudding!
My boys match!! So cute!!

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