Friday, December 23, 2016

November Mish-Mash

November sure flew by! Seems to always happen somehow! Well this is how it went for the Hancocks:
Coop is still going! Easton was doing his preschool Upstart on the computer and these 3 kids were just happy to watch him.
I get to help in preschool and they were playing a bubblegum game.
This note from Easton's friend was too cute talking about Easton's birthday party.
His preschool class went to the Fire Station. He loved it and brought home a hat and coloring book.
Caden just looked so cute after church wearing Sadie's glasses. I'll never get over Sunday clothes on little boys!
Daylight savings is kicking my trash. It's not even light out at 5:45 a.m. and he still gets up! I don't know what his problem is. He goes to bed at the same time. None of my other kids did this!
Loved this exercise in one of Brinley's classes. She sat at the front of the class with her back turned to the board and people wrote nice stuff about her.
Of course the girls are going to dress up Caden! He didn't mind too much.
Easton must've told me to take his picture while "riding a horse".
Leaves! Raking leaves! And playing!
A friend gave us AMAZING tickets to the BYU vs. SUU game. 2nd row!! It was fun being so close you could hear the players (sometimes not a good thing) and to just be more part of the game.
Cosmo! And the camera man would even get in the way. ;)
I got to go on a field trip with Sadie to the high school's play Seussical the Musical. It was a fun show! I've never seen it but they did a great job with the set and costumes. They always do a good job.
YW in Excellence was fun (& fun to not be in charge!) The theme was more like a red carpet event. The girls walked the red carpet. They were told they could dress up if they wanted. Brinley didn't really but she did strut her stuff! I was awarded the YW Recognition Award. I was hoping to get it before I got out of YW's but I guess it's better late than never!
 My friend, Tracie, took each girl's picture. Loved the backdrop!
My trophies. :)
I can't believe Easton squeezed into this crate. He was all snuggled up!
A selfie from Brinley's phone.
I get to help in Sadie's class in math rotations. One of the rotations is to do online math. Her teacher's classroom is so cute with all these little chairs everywhere.
I had playgroup at my house and was reminded why I hate playdoh. It was all over and stuck to the seats of my chairs. :(
Sadie has high hopes. I found this note and I don't think she intended for me to see it.
Sadie came home from school absolutely beaming! She won this lip gloss making kit that she's had her eye on. Good thing she read so much for 2 weeks!
Piano recital day! Cambree played 2 songs "Riverboat Jazz" and "Ghost Waltz". She did well!
Take a bow!
Brinley played "Moonlight Fantasy". It was a hard piece and she did well with it. I can't believe the level she is playing at!

Group picture with Sis. Tilley! She gave them all their favorite cereals. What a great idea! She's the best!

Right after the recital, we dropped the kids off at home and headed to the BYU game. It was warmer than we thought it would be! Very nice!
Easton got to go to the aquarium with his friend, Trayden. We've never been so it was super fun for him to go. Heather took lots of pictures for me. :)
Easton said, "Look! I look like Grandma!" My mom likes to hold pencils over her ear. So funny that he noticed.
I was cleaning out a few things from the storage room and found this walker to give away. But of course the kids had to play with it first!
Well, that's our life! Bring on Christmas!!

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