Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hancock Christmas Party

I felt like we were having parties all month long! I love it! The Hancock party is usually after Christmas but Lynnette's family was going to Mexico for Christmas and Jody was having surgery so we did it the Sunday before Christmas. It was kind of a bummer because two of my kids (Sadie and Easton) had presents coming from Vegas and wouldn't be here until after Christmas so they had to watch everyone else open their presents. That was a little hard...especially for Sadie for some reason. But Caden let them open his gift since he had two. :)
Caden got some great books to help him be quiet during church.
Jordyn gave Cambree a Harry Potter craft thing. She's been obsessed with Harry Potter lately.
All the grandkids (that were present)!!
The rest of the time we ate, talked, and the kids played. The big cousins are so nice to include my little kids.
Caden loved that he could get so close to the TV. He could see the football and would say "ball!".
Dessert time! Caden is always up for some chocolate!
Sidenote: Larry hasn't been doing well lately. He had surgery because he had fluid in his lungs again...which can mean heart failure. He has been in a rehab center to help him get his strength back. We can check him in and out to come to family things so he was able to come to dinner. Hopefully he can get his strength back soon.

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