Thursday, December 8, 2016

Halloween Festivities

Halloween is so fun with kids! So many fun things to do! We heard about a Fall Festival up at the rec center. They had games, crafts, balloon animals, face paint, and a Scales and Tales show. The kids had fun petting the different animals.
They got to pet a skunk!! It was super soft.
Easton played this game over and over.
Then he made a turkey craft that sounded like it gobbled.
Ok. I really love this picture!
She wanted gypsy paint
A Gryffindor crest for Cambree
Brinley enjoyed playing YW volleyball this season. She's getting pretty good!

Pumpkin carving time! We had lots of pumpkins to carve this year.
The kids were creative this year.
Sadie wanted a vampire mom and baby.
Easton wanted Superman...cuz he was being Superman for Halloween.
Brinley made Batman and The Flash.
Cambree made Harry Potter glasses.

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