Saturday, December 10, 2016

Halloween Costume Photo Session

I loved my kids' costumes so much that I really wanted to go to the nearby park to do a photo shoot. It didn't quite go as planned but they turned out pretty cute.
I wanted the dinosaur to chase the superheroes...yeah, it didn't quite turn out.
Brinley and Aubrey's costumes went together. So we had to some shots of them.

Brinley as Batgirl!
Sadie as a gypsy! I didn't even have to pose her.
Cambree as Hermoine Granger
People thought she could also pass for Luna Lovegood
Easton as Superman! With the curl, black hair, and all, as he requested.
Die Dino!
Nope...he walked right into the wand. Nothing.

And Caden the Dinosaur!
And they're off!!
That was a lot of fun! Hopefully I can get my act together again next year and do it again!

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Tiffany said...

It's so crazy how much Brinley looks like Jordan. These were cute pictures!