Friday, December 9, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween is such a big deal around here! I was happy that we didn't buy any costumes...well, Brinley bought her own. I didn't want to buy a costume for her but she insisted. I was just happy we talked her out of the Star Wars $60 costume and hopefully her Batman shirt and socks she can wear again.
Halloween was on a Monday so Shawn was able to go to the costume parade at the school. Easton was at preschool so I only had to bring Caden.
Miss Hermoine Granger
Sadie wanted her face to be covered so she was trying to hold it up.
Easton and his cute preschool friends.
Easton had a fun Halloween party with games and crafts.
Cambree and Jordan have been holding "school" in our basement. They made up a program and play to show us parents. It was pretty cute. They will be good teachers when they are older.
Cambree was determined to have me dress up and wanted me to be Caden's dino mommy. So she made up the costume. The dots didn't stay on for too long.

Almost time to go out trick-or-treating! J.J. & Kristy's family came over along with my parents for dinner. We did mummies again as per tradition. It was warm enough to sit outside with the neighbors to pass out candy. My parents hung out with them until we got back from going around the block with Caden. I thought Caden would've caught on and had a lot of fun going from house to house but he was too slow so he just sat in the stroller the whole time. Shawn went on with some of the older kids. Cambree and Brinley left to go with friends. They got Butter Beer, fries, and donuts on their route. There was also a friend's dad that took Cambree and her friends around on a four-wheeler.
It was a fun fun night!!
Shawn's mom called the next day telling me that they didn't have any trick-or-treaters come. She was bummed about that and asked if we would come up to get some candy since she still had everything set out. So, I dropped what we were going to do that afternoon and headed up there after school. A few of the kids wore their costumes and they ate all her candy but I don't think she minded. :)

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