Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fall Break ~ Staycation

I was REALLY wanting to go somewhere for fall break...even just to Park City or something but then I scheduled shoots and that didn't happen but we had some fun anyway.
On one day we went to Trafalga's Spooktacular. The kids went through a hay maze, rode some rides, jumped on bounce houses, mini golf and laser tag. It was pretty crowded but not horrible.
Sadie loves to drive the cars. She feels so big!
We also got to dog-sit Sugar for a few days. The kids love her!
Shawn took a day off work which was really nice. We've been wanting to take the kids to hike Stewart Falls for a while now. It was a great day to do it! It started off a little chilly but soon we were shedding our jackets.
The kids were all pretty tired about this time. We were getting close to the falls! And Easton never wants to be in very many pictures anymore.
We made it!
Easton was SO tired at the end but didn't sit for a minute when we got there.
Shawn and Brinley decided to climb up above the falls. Too scary for me!
Just a little reenactment of one of our pictures when we were dating. :)
Brinley was a trooper and helped carry Caden in the carrier.
Cambree wanted to go to Hang Time for her birthday outing and to bring a friend (Jordan). We finally made good on that promise. After hiking, Shawn took the kids to Hang Time. I stayed home with Caden so he could nap.
The kids had Monday off too and Shawn has Mondays off so we wanted to go to a pumpkin patch. It was really wet and rainy so a pumpkin patch didn't sound like a very good idea so we went to Gardner Village to see the witches instead. It was a little rainy and cold but not too bad.
That night, our little city does a trick-or-treat event. So the kids dressed up and got a little candy. It was really quick because it really was raining at that time.
Cambree's costume was quickly put together and Brinley didn't want to come.

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