Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Parties

Our ward Christmas parties have lacked a little the past few years. They always have good food and sometimes some entertainment but the kids always get bored and end up running all over the church. It's a little crazy. So I guess if you complain, you get put in charge as did my friend. Hehe. It all started as a breakfast but a funeral was scheduled last-minute during the time of our party so they were able to reschedule it for the night before and change it to a dinner. Talk about stress! But it was great! The primary sang some songs, we ate, and then a special visitor came! They also had a photo booth and coloring for the kids. It was great!

Sadie was a little shy talking to Santa. I hope she didn't ask for a puppy! I found a note saying she was going to ask him for one!
Easton was too. He asked for a Batman Cave.
Caden didn't cry! He wouldn't look at him either.

Haha! I can't even tell who is in the photo booth with Easton. Some cute little girl.
Sadie and her friend, Hallie
Cambree thinks she is so funny! ;)
Brinley and her friend Gabby...cuz none of my kids could be in the booth together!
We had left the party but Brinley and friends went to see Santa.
I am back in Primary and I teach Cambree's class. She suggested having a class party and I thought it would be fun to do a breakfast. So my partner (Patti Belnap) and I did a waffle bar. The kids loved it and it wasn't too hard. We each prepared two games to play and that was it! The saran wrap game is a fun one to play with kids this age. Cambree started getting discouraged because she wasn't getting anything. She actually ended up not getting a prize from the ball. Luckily, Patti planned for that and had extra treats to give her.
Bring on the parties!!

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