Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cambree's 11 YO Pictures

Cambree is 11! Crazy times! Only one more year before young women's. She can't hardly wait!

-Cambree is my little Caden-helper. She loves him so much! She told me that she is probably the one that loves him the most. She likes to get him dressed and sometimes does his hair. She will, at times, take him to play with her and her friends. It's pretty awesome!
-She likes music and loves to sing. She just started going to ward choir to sing in the Christmas program. She still plays the piano and is getting really good.
-She is a model student. Her teacher told us that she wished she could bottle up a bunch of Cambrees and have them all in her class. She's a pleaser so she will do whatever the teacher wants. I love that she's responsible and gets all her homework done without me needing to remind her.
-Cambree is still trying to figure out what sports she wants to pursue. She's tried a little bit of volleyball and basketball. She is going to try a season of basketball this year. She still plays soccer and defense is her favorite.
-She is really into Legos Friends right now. I would be too at her age. They are cute!
-She's getting so tall! When she lets me do her hair, I have to stand on my tip-toes or have her sit or kneel down. I keep wondering when she will stop growing.

Here's her birthday photo session we did. I loved checking out this new location.

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Tiffany said...

Yeah, I'm starting to forget how old Cambree is because of her height!