Sunday, December 18, 2016

Aladdin Play at Mountain Ridge

Brinley has loved being in stage crew this year. Their first show was Aladdin. She was in charge of the music so it was fun to look back and see her. She didn't mess up to the show we went to. :)
Her own selfie
The sets were really good especially for junior high kids! Brinley's stage crew class put it all together. Very good!
There were a few kids from our ward in the musical. It was fun to watch them.
The Genie is in our ward. He was amazing! Super fun!
They told them all to strike a pose from the show. Brinley was really funny with her finger poke.
Cambree and Sadie came with me to watch the show. We invited Kristy and Annie too.
Can't wait for the next show!!

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