Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hancock Christmas Party

I felt like we were having parties all month long! I love it! The Hancock party is usually after Christmas but Lynnette's family was going to Mexico for Christmas and Jody was having surgery so we did it the Sunday before Christmas. It was kind of a bummer because two of my kids (Sadie and Easton) had presents coming from Vegas and wouldn't be here until after Christmas so they had to watch everyone else open their presents. That was a little hard...especially for Sadie for some reason. But Caden let them open his gift since he had two. :)
Caden got some great books to help him be quiet during church.
Jordyn gave Cambree a Harry Potter craft thing. She's been obsessed with Harry Potter lately.
All the grandkids (that were present)!!
The rest of the time we ate, talked, and the kids played. The big cousins are so nice to include my little kids.
Caden loved that he could get so close to the TV. He could see the football and would say "ball!".
Dessert time! Caden is always up for some chocolate!
Sidenote: Larry hasn't been doing well lately. He had surgery because he had fluid in his lungs again...which can mean heart failure. He has been in a rehab center to help him get his strength back. We can check him in and out to come to family things so he was able to come to dinner. Hopefully he can get his strength back soon.

Friday, December 30, 2016

My Mom's Birthday Wish

My mom didn't want anything for her birthday, just a trip to the temple with all the adults...and dinner out. She also wanted to go to the Provo City Center Temple. I haven't been to that temple yet (besides the open house) so I was excited to go. We did sealings so we could be all together. It was unexpectedly busy so we had to wait awhile. When we finally got in, my mom told the sealer that it was her birthday. He told us we could sing to her. So we whisper-sang Happy Birthday and it was really awful but a fun memory. My mom really enjoyed us being there and I saw her eyes dad mostly napped. ;)
After that, we went to eat at Brick Oven. We had a cozy spot that was just perfect for our group. They sang and brought her a big piece of pie.
Cosmo was in the house! There was a BYU Basketball game going on that night so I guess he comes to Brick Oven. We told him it was mom's birthday so she got a hand kiss.

Kristy got "bones" and J.J. got a hug. Cosmo is the best! Made our night even better!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Parties

Our ward Christmas parties have lacked a little the past few years. They always have good food and sometimes some entertainment but the kids always get bored and end up running all over the church. It's a little crazy. So I guess if you complain, you get put in charge as did my friend. Hehe. It all started as a breakfast but a funeral was scheduled last-minute during the time of our party so they were able to reschedule it for the night before and change it to a dinner. Talk about stress! But it was great! The primary sang some songs, we ate, and then a special visitor came! They also had a photo booth and coloring for the kids. It was great!

Sadie was a little shy talking to Santa. I hope she didn't ask for a puppy! I found a note saying she was going to ask him for one!
Easton was too. He asked for a Batman Cave.
Caden didn't cry! He wouldn't look at him either.

Haha! I can't even tell who is in the photo booth with Easton. Some cute little girl.
Sadie and her friend, Hallie
Cambree thinks she is so funny! ;)
Brinley and her friend Gabby...cuz none of my kids could be in the booth together!
We had left the party but Brinley and friends went to see Santa.
I am back in Primary and I teach Cambree's class. She suggested having a class party and I thought it would be fun to do a breakfast. So my partner (Patti Belnap) and I did a waffle bar. The kids loved it and it wasn't too hard. We each prepared two games to play and that was it! The saran wrap game is a fun one to play with kids this age. Cambree started getting discouraged because she wasn't getting anything. She actually ended up not getting a prize from the ball. Luckily, Patti planned for that and had extra treats to give her.
Bring on the parties!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Alpine Live Nativity

The next day after the Festival of Trees, we went to the Live Nativity. It's tradition! It's fun that J.J. and Kristy are so close and we invited them to come with us. We bundled up and went to see it. J.J.'s family met us there. They were definitely impressed and I love starting the season out with this outing.
Caden was a happy boy on Shawn's shoulders. And yes, those are purple boots!
The lines were long so the kids had fun sliding on some snow hills. It wasn't too bad tho.
Petting the donkey..looking a little crazy.
There's Justus...that big red coat without a face. Haha!
Seeing the camels are always a treat
Caden thought the sheep were fun to see
The 3 wisemen
Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Festival of Trees

The day Shawn came back from his work trip, we went to Festival of Trees. We've never all gone as a family and I went years ago. We had to park pretty far away and we weren't prepared for it. So we walked fast in the freezing cold with blankets and things to get to the building. Ugh. Sometimes I wonder about my mothering skills!
Caden was wrapped up in a blanket and had Cambee's hat on.
The place was jam-packed and Shawn was hating the slow pace while looking at the trees. The kids enjoyed looking at them and picked their favorites.
Sadie loved the Frozen tree
And the peacock tree. She's really into peacocks lately.
This one was cool with the little steps going all the way up.
The BYU tree was a definite fav!
Another peacock tree...they would ask to get their pics taken in front of lots of trees and I was happy to oblige.
A pink and black Paris tree. It was pretty in pink!
A ballet dancer tree
A superman tree!
Another fav was the Star Wars tree
This upside-down tree was amazing!
The Tangled tree was my favorite! The hair and the tower was awesome!
A cars tree. The cars even zoomed around the tree on a track.
When we were about 1/2 way through, Brinley said she wanted to go off on her own to take pictures of some of her favs. Shawn thought that was fine and didn't tell her to meet somewhere or anything. Ugh. The place was packed!! So we waited and waited and Shawn went off to find her. We waited and waited and Caden was d-o-n-e with the stroller and so that means he was running all over. Shawn finally came back and we decided to page her over the intercom. That finally worked. So a 1/2 an hour later, we could leave. Ugh. It didn't end too well and I don't know if Shawn will want to go again.

Of course Easton didn't want to be in the pic so I only have 4 kids. ;)